step outside your comfort zone

step outside your comfort zone

be bold. be fun. step into alice and olivia dresses!

I’ll be straightforward – this alice olivia dress is pricey, but my goodness is it gorgeous! Side note, rarely do you see me in prints. So floral print outfits have only appeared once I believe. And both were Alice and Olivia dresses.  It’s nearly sold out at Nordstrom except for one size. I found it at a few other stores, and I linked them below.

If you’ll allow me just a minute, I’d like to explain a bit the current world we live in, and what the marketing industry now calls people like me who have a blog.

They now call bloggers “influencers.” This makes me chuckle inside. I guess they think of it as people who influence people’s thoughts or purchasing decisions? I much prefer the term blogger, because I think of myself as someone who documents, writes and informs. Influencing your thoughts is a bridge too far for me!

However, I’ll take some of the fun things that come my way as being an “influencer” graciously and with gratitude. I was recently invited by the store Alice + Olivia to host an in-store event for the day. I was deeply honored as   1) this is a big name brand    and b) I have worn and adored their clothes for years. So I jumped at the chance!

alice olivia dress

Alice + Olivia is pricey to be sure. Their clothes are not fast fashion or inexpensive. They are truly investment pieces. You would understand why it’s priced the way it is if you were to see it in person. The embroidery work, lining and attention to every detail makes them pieces you will own and wear for years. They will last and are often works of arts!

I’m sharing one of my favorite pieces here. Both of these are great transitional pieces for summer to fall. I would not even hesitate to throw on a black leather jacket, tights and heals and wear it in winter, too! For either outfit!

Would love your thoughts – do you own any a+o, or like the style?

Becca Embroidered Pouf Dress. alice olivia floral dress

alice olivia dress

alice and olivia dresses

shop the alice olivia dress

dress  |  similar wedges

If it’s sold out at Nordstrom (where the Anniversary Sale is going on!), try looking here and here (where there’s a sale.

Like the Alice and Olivia look? Check out this post! Pattern and amazingness galore!



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