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how to use hydrangea – my favorite flower!

These full, fluffy, hospitality evoking, welcoming flowers have long been my favorite. I positively love giant bushes full of them and hydrangea in every form of combination in arrangements. I love this flower so much that we have twelve bushes and one tree form limelight hydrangea!

In my early life the apartments I lived in, and even our first home as newlyweds there wasn’t a yard. So I always planted them in containers. I had some luck, but not much. I find these plants love the ground. However, a few years ago I put my container planter of hydrangea next to my giant bush of them and let it get the same water and sunshine. I was hoping the container and the bush would make friends and decide to morph together!

Over a year or so, the container hydrangea slowly started to go through the bottom of the container and became rooted in the soil. I was able to remove the container and successfully transplant it. I thought this was an anomaly but I read this article and she described a similar situation! Good to know for those of you who have hydrangea in containers and are looking for how to use hydrangeas in your containers in your yard

In Atlanta we have the best luck with the Endless Summer variety. This variety is becoming really popular due to its ability to grow in parts of the country it usually can’t and the length of the flowering season. I’ve been very impressed and all my new bushes are this type. I recommend checking the climate you’re in and asking which variety grows best.

Hydrangea like partial sun. I do have some in my front yard that get more sun than others but so far so good. They will always wilt in the hottest part of the day, but perk back up after a good watering and some shade.


changing hydrangea colors

Getting blue flowers much easier than changing them to pink. In my own yard I have them all in the front yard scattered. The seven bushes (yes, I have a lot planted!) all grow blue. The three on the far right of the home all grow pink! Same front yard, same watering system, same dirt – two different colors!

Using hydrangeas by white picket fences.Simple hydrangea arrangement for buffet tables Gold tray and marble white lamps to add light.All white hydrangea flower arrangement in light blue living room.


Endless Summer blue hydrangea blooms.Tree form limelight hydrangea by traditional brick cape cod style home.White and green hydrangea flower bouquet.


Blue and white hydrangea flower bouquet. Silver mirrored tray on mirrored console table.Hydrangea love and what hydrangeas symbolize.






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