3 tips to take better selfies!

What is the best selfie app? Green maxi dress for summer. Atlanta blogger Kelly Page shows you how to take a great selfie!

how to take a good selfie

You know you take them all the time..don’t front. 🙂 We all take selfies – and then take 30 more trying to get the perfect one! Taking a taking a good selfie isn’t as hard as you think, but with a few tricks you’ll take less photos to get one you’re happy with! After blogging for a few years I’ve had to work on my photo taking skills, and especially learn how to take a good selfie for Instagram! Here are three tips to help you know how to take a good selfie!

put your face towards the light

Most people’s tendency is to put the light behind them. If you stand by a window face the window and hold your phone up. The light will hit your face and give you a beautiful perfectly lit glow. I tend to always take selfies in a certain room in my house because the window light is abundant and the background isn’t cluttered. If you can find that spot that has a mix of both, then you’re golden – literally golden and glowing! Remember, light going onto your face, not behind your face.

look for consistent lighting

Standing with the sun right above you is a sure fire way to make you look older. It will give your face shadows. Stand under a porch or if you’re at the beach go under an umbrella. Beautiful, diffused light is best. An overcast day is a photographer’s dream if you have to shoot photos during the day. This is why a lot of car selfies turn out so nice! You have light flooding in from all around, typically you face your windshield letting the light onto your face and then roof gives you great diffused, indirect light from above!

If you’re in a room where lamps are on, just know that will cast a yellow look, while the window light gives you a blue tint. This is fine, just know this inconsistent light will give you a different vibe. It’s best to turn the lamps off so all of the tones/temperatue colors in the room are the same!

learn your best angle

For me, I tend to angle my face to the right. I just like the left side of my face better, ha! I typically put my chin down ever so slightly (too much and you’re doing that coy look, too high and you’re all chin!) Straight on is always pretty and approachable, too. But play around so you know your angle. Then pair that with lighting and you’ve got yourself a darn good looking selfie!

which is the best app to take a selfie with?

Also, this is my personal thought, and not everyone feels this way – but I think the iPhone takes weird selfies. I find it angles my face differently. I almost always use Instagram to take my selfies. For some reason the camera just works better. SnapChat is also known for taking great selfies! Just food for thought – take a few on various apps and compare them and see what you think!

how not to take a selfie

Know how to take a good selfie! Tips to take better selfies and pictures of yourself!
3 Tips for how to take a good selfie for Instagram!

how to take a good selfie

What is the best selfie app? Green maxi dress for summer. Atlanta blogger Kelly Page shows you how to take a great selfie!
Trying to taking a good selfie? Lifestyle blogger, bluegraygal, teaches you how to take a great selfie with easy tips!

Note: result of my selfie would be even better if I had turned the lamp light off! I forgot to do this for the post, but trust me. It would look better! Lamps off!

Great Gadgets to Take Amazing Selfies!

Ring lights recreates the allover glow of sunlight. It’s what beauty bloggers use on their YouTube – but this way you can make it portable!

Pink Cat Cell Ring light (I have – very cute)

Standard Ring light if you don’t love pink

Cell Phone Tripod I own – awesome for so many reason!

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