3 ways to make your life easier!

Don’t we all want our days to be easier? (Both of my hands are way up and waving like crazy to this question!) Wouldn’t it be great if everyday tasks or chores were kept in check? And even better, we also had a sense of peace in the middle of daily chaos?! I’ve teamed up with Amazon and am now excitedly shouting “Alexa, make my life easier!”

We are an Amazon family. Ask any friend or family member of ours and they’ll respond “Yes, Amazon Alexa is the sixth member of Kelly’s family.” We rely on it for our grocery list, to do lists and music. While cooking I’m always asking how many ounces are in a cup again, Alexa?” We turn our house lights on and off by asking her and she tells us funny jokes when we need to lighten the mood! She’s our friend. J

But there is something new that is rocking our world – Alexa Skills “Life Hacks.”

“Alexa, make my life easier!”

There are ten new Life Hack apps that are super easy to add to your Amazon Alexa. I played around with three that I knew would be most useful and fun for our house. My daughter and I added them and giggled when we started to use them. They are already making life easier!

House Tracker

This app is a hoot! You list out chores for Amazon Alexa to keep track of and enter everyone’s names into the list. So, when my daughter does the dishes, she gets to tell Alexa and it gives her a point!

When I stumble upon a clean dishwasher (few things make me as happy!) I can say “Alexa, who emptied the dishwasher?” and not only find out who did it, but get an overall family score of whose keeping up with the chores! It’s such a fun, inventive way to get the family involved this summer! My kids love to outperform their siblings! And I love when they chip in! The House Tracker life hack is a must for our home.


Amazon House Tracker for the Life Hacks Skills for Amazon Show and Amazon Echo.



This is a super cute app for Amazon Alexa. It lets my little people send me a text message with Mommy-Gram without using a device or needing to know how to type. My kids can simply say “Hey Mom I love you!” or “Mommy, where is my other shoe?” and the message appears on my phone!

This is great for when you don’t want your kids to have access to their own device but need to communicate with you. It works so well!


Amazon Alexa Skills list and how to use the Alexa with kids.Amazon Alexa Mommy Gram. Ways for kids to text without using their own iPads or phones.How to use Alexa with kids and for families. What types of apps are good for Alexa with kids.


Calm Now

Oh my. This App was designed for children to help shake the wiggles out and calm down. Very helpful for summer’s. But let me tell you – this is mynew best friend. Let’s be honest – I’m the one who needs calming down the most! Now I have Amazon Alexa Calm Now Life Hack to give me a few minutes of mental distraction when I need it most. Since our Amazon Alexa is in our kitchen, it works out perfectly. I will turn this app on while cooking dinner and let my kids see that “Mom needs a hot minute” and then we’ll all do the Calm Now app together! It’s fun and it works!


How does the Amazon Alexa work and what kind of apps are good to have on it?Amazon Alexa commands and what to say to get it to create lists, start life hack skills or start the Calm Now app!Amazon Alexa Skills. New Life Hack Skills for the Alexa to help Moms!

how to set up Amazon Alexa Life Hacks

Setting up your preferred Life Hacks is really easy. Go to the Alexa App and add the new skills you think will be useful for your life – there are a ton of great ones out there like budgeting, reminders, and cooking tips!

Once the apps are activated you’ll just need to say “Alexa, make my life easier” and there she is to save the day. The three life hacks I activated are already proving to be very helpful for summer sanity! I hope you’ll check them out and activate the ones that will make your life easier!


Amazon Alexa Show with wood vase and faux magnolias. Amazon Alexa Show in kitchen. White painted brick with espresso stained cabinetry. How to use Amazon Alexa for family events.


get your Life Hacks here!

This blog post was sponsored by Amazon. All thoughts are my own.

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