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Home Office Makeover on a Budget

I’m lucky to say that I have two home offices, one of which is decorated already. The other was ready for a home office makeover. One is a small office by the working area of our home – the kitchen and mudroom.

The other is a larger one with a lot of built in’s in a quiet area of our home. When the original owners designed our home, their intent for this space was for their two girls to have a homework area. So there are two large desks for them each to have with plenty of storage for books and computers. The entire room was all brown so doing a home office makeover was necessary to help with the flow of the rest of the house. You can see a photo of the “before” here.

I had a very talented interior designer help design most of my home, but for this space I decided to do myself. I wanted to do it on a tight budget and experiment a little with how I could do pulling a room together.

Keeping it on a Budget

Pieces in this room are either from a local high end furniture store, or Target! I went high and low to mix it! To help cut costs more, I also hung the wallpaper myself using that peal and stick wallpaper. I really love it. It saved on money buying expensive wallpaper and labor and I think the effect is still pretty. You can read more on the removable wallpaper I used because I found it really incredible!

This isn’t the full view of the room – I’ll share more in a coming blog along with how I organize it. To be honest, the organization part is a work in progress. I’m still trying to figure out how to best use the space and I’m actually using the next week to get it in better working order. Sometimes I think you need to go slow with organization until you really understand how a room needs to function. That’s sort of where I’m at now with this room.

In the meantime, I’ll source what I used for my home office makeover and link lookalikes. I’m very pleased with the result and find the entire space very soothing and quiet!

Home office makeover decorating on a budget. Neutral gray and white linen drapes in home office.Starburst gold mirror with gray reusable wallpaper.



Designing a home office on a budget.



West Elm Pendants   :   Lookalike Chair   :   Marble Table (mine was actually $150 from Target but it flew off the shelves!)    :   Lookalike Console   :   Lookalike Lamp   :   Wallpaper  (this is the reusable sticky wallpaper I featured on this blog!)   :   West Elm White Linen Drapery   :   Desk Chair (this one is slightly darker than mine, but I’ve seen in person and very pretty)




Candle   :   Coffee Table Book   :   White Vases   :   Target Art here and here   :   Similar Pillow here and here   :   Starburst Mirror (mine was from Target and was actually more expensive than this one!)


I’m not linking my sconces because truth be told I’m not in love with them because they are hanging wonky. I’m asking the company to fix them and until I get a good answer I don’t want to source them!

So what are your thoughts?



Please share your thoughts!

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