unique way to custom frame video

I’ve done so much custom framing over the years.

It should come as no surprise that I love taking photographs. My house is covered in photos that I’ve had some amazing photographers take, but mostly of ones I’ve taken myself. It’s the personal ones from our every day life that mean the most to me and the ones I want surrounding us in our home. I want our kids to grow up seeing memories of vacations, or special family moments, or even hysterical ones of them crying and screaming (see Disney post!)

I get asked a lot about how I keep up with framing my photos. With the digital age we have we have SO many photographs and it’s hard, if not truly impossible to “keep up.”

I put together this video tutorial of how I did this Custom Framed Gallery Wall. It’s not your typical way of doing a Custom Frame and I think you may enjoy it. If you’re considering doing a big gallery wall and want it to look polished, yet not commit 100% to the photograph you had customs framed, this will definitely help. Custom Framing is expensive, so if you invest in it, it should be adaptable and long lasting! That’s what I think anyway.

The video is a bit long — I can be a chatty one in front of the camera, but I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Also, I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel (you need to click the “YouTube” icon in the video below and then “subscribe” on youtube.com with your GOOGLE email address. I really hope you subscribe.) 

I’ll work to keep future videos shorter, I promise!

I hope this inspires you to start planning an amazing gallery wall! Please share any comments or questions with me! I love feedback and new ideas!


Please share your thoughts!

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