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Big braid hairstyles with bun.

how to style an easy side dutch braid

Just like a lot of women, I grow my hair long and then chop it only to start over again! It just feels like a fresh start every time I do it. One thing I always try to do though is have long hair in the summer. Why? Because it’s easy to pull it up off my neck and out of my face! This easy side dutch braid braid updo is my go to hairstyle nearly all summer. It’s great to wear to a party or swimming in the pool. Here’s a picture tutorial with tips on how to get a great chunky summer braid. I’ll try and work on a video for visuals on how to do two dutch braids (in my spare time, ha! what is that?!)

The chlorine and heat does dry out my hair though. I swear by this Living Proof overnight conditioning mask that brings my hair to life. I also use a ton of dry shampoo between days – it helps give my roots a lift and lets me avoid too much extra heat damage from a blow dryer. This dry shampoo is my favorite – works amazingly well and smells good! It actually cleans too which you think would be a given, but not all do! If your hair feels gunky from a ton of product, my hair stylist recommended this cleansing shampoo which totally strips all that gross product out. Pair that with the conditioning mask and you’ve got yourself a solid start to do an easy summer hairstyle that will look super cute but be easy on your hair and life!

step 1

Start with hair down and separate into two sections. You can make this a clean straight part with a comb, or intentionally make it messy.

Summer hairstyles for long hair.

step 2

On one side grab a 1″ wide chunk near the crown of your head. You can start at beginning of hair line if you don’t have bangs. Here, I do so I’m starting where length is long so bangs can still fall.

Separate that small chunk into three sections.

Two side braids that meet in middle. Braids for beginners.Easy braid hairstyle tutorial.

step 3

Begin to braid hair. Cross side piece over the middle and then repeat with other piece. Make braid as tightly as you can.

Dutch braids are cute and easy. A Dutch braid is the reverse of a standard French braid – instead of folding the pieces over each other, you fold them under.

The difference between a French braid and a Dutch braid is how to finished result looks. The French braid folds the hair together so the braid is not protruding out. The Dutch braid makes the braid more 3D and sticks out more. It’s a more visible braid where the hair behind it lies flat and the braid is on top.



Braid updo hairstyle. How to do a Pinterest worthy braid.

step 4

Braid as far down as your hair will go. Secure with clear elastic. Do not make the elastic too tight, but just tight enough to hold braid in place.

step 5

Repeat on either side until you have two tightly wrapped cute dutch braid pigtails.

Side braids. How to braid hair for girls.

step 6

Remove elastics from bottom of each braid. Pull the braids together and tie an elastic around where they join at base of neck.

At this point you will have two braids on the side that end in a basic low ponytail.

Use a second elastic band to wrap around pony and pull hair halfway through to create a simple bun.

Because I prefer an internally messy braid I tend to pull hair out of the base bun to let pieces hang, but you can make this as neat and tidy as you prefer.

How to braid long hair easily. Easy dutch braid

Dutch braid. How to do a dutch braid hairstyle.step 7

The important and fun part! To make a Pinterest worthy chunky braid you will be pulling the braid apart little by little. Slowly work the braid loose from top to bottom. You’ll have to pull the hair a bit as you go. The more you pull the hair and separate the braid, the bigger the braid will get.

Do this until it’s the size braid you prefer!

Voila! A beautiful summer braid and easy updo! Add a pretty hair clip to jazz it up or leave it be with just elastic for a low key hairstyle!

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How to style big braids to the side. Braid hairstyles for women. Easy side dutch braid.Atlanta blogger bluegraygal. Lifestyle blog with beauty tips for women over 30, easy to wear outfits and home decor tips. Big braid hairstyles with bun.

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Watch this video for how I make an easy top knot!

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