Blue fringe umbrella. Turning 40 and being a lifestyle blogger.

can I still blog at 40?


  1. Hey Kelly,
    Thanks for this post; I enjoyed learning a little bit about how blogging feels from your perspective and how self-reflective you are about it. (Not a surprise but still interesting….) I just wanted to mention that from an audience perspective, I find your blog posts a source of inspiration on multiple levels – fashion, travel, family life, organizing, decorating, great sales and more. For example, I’ve never used a travel agent before, but your post made me want to try it for the first time and after an amazing stay at the Four Seasons Orlando I’m thrilled I did! (You’re right – you can’t VIP yourself but Linda sure can!) i just picked up a super cute pair of New Balance sneakers at the J. Crew sale for less than $38. Score! I wouldn’t have seen the sneaks or known about the sale without your post. I don’t think I’m the typical demographic that companies seem interested in influencing through blogs and social media, but here’s the thing – I’m 54 with a family and a demanding full time job. I don’t have time to sit for hours surfing the Internet looking for ideas on the topics above and I’ve begun depending on you for that information. A 22-year old’s taste and experience doesn’t resonate with me – plus, I’m pretty sure I have way more disposable income than your typical 22-year old. As a result, the current “mold” seems like a less-than-ideal business model to me. So you keep doing you – i’m thrilled to be along for the ride!
    PS Happy birthday!

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can I still blog at 40?