can I still blog at 40?

Sun and Shadow Tassel tie dress in blush pink and white. Anna Beck Earrings.
Blue fringe umbrella. Turning 40 and being a lifestyle blogger.

I’d be lying to you if I said I’m taking turning 40 years old in stride. For all of my “accept and age gracefully” blah blah blah pontifications, I admit to having a certain amount of, shall we say, resistance to the number 40. 🙂

It’s crossed my mind a few times that blogging is a “career” for millennials. Or rather, an obsession for millennials. Whether they are financially able to make it a career or not is a whole other animal. But companies are clamoring to influence the future generation of consumers. Which has made me stop on more than one occasion and wonder where I fit into that mold. 

I’m coming to the conclusion of “screw the mold.” 

This week is New York Fashion Week. Last year I went with my friend, Jess Cathell. We went as an invitation from RewardStyle and spent the days at blogger-mecca events. But what really happened is she and I bonded and started a friendship and realized we were a bit different than the 22 year old bloggers there – and we were proud of the difference! So much learning had happened since were 22 and we each walked tall, happy with where life had lead us. And then we butt in front of those 22 year olds at the bar (age gives you confidence), ordered a few cocktails and laughed like crazy all weekend. 🙂

I haven’t posted on Instagram as consistently as I usually do. I’m sorting through what I want to say these days. 

Here’s what I can say for sure:

I am not at Fashion Week this year and I’m thrilled about it. I ended up deciding not to go. I’m watching my friends at NYFW through Instagram with sheer joy. They look fabulous! I’m so happy to see their success. Not for one moment am I envious of the publicity they are receiving or new career parternships. (I’m sort of envious the amazing cocktails though!) I’m so happy for them! Right now, in my life, I’d much rather be at my children’s baseball game this weekend, and grilling by the pool. This is where my life is, and this is what I want out of it. I’m lucky in so many ways.

Saying this feels like a relief for me. I think I thought I’d feel envy. Or a fear of missing out. Or an insecurity that maybe my blog has become stagnant. 

But hooey – my life’s mantra came to me from a book I read in college by Maria Shriver. She said “You can do it all. You just have to do it all over a lifetime.” Amen, Maria. That phrase has shaped me more than I can tell you.

So, for now I’m embracing turning 40, letting that wash over me, and inform my thoughts for where my blog will go from here. What will I share? What will I focus on? What will I do with this forum? I don’t have all of those answers. 

But as I type I have a peaceful smile on my face and an excited outlook to see what will happen in the next phase of my lifetime. 

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  • Meg Comeau
    September 8, 2018

    Hey Kelly,
    Thanks for this post; I enjoyed learning a little bit about how blogging feels from your perspective and how self-reflective you are about it. (Not a surprise but still interesting….) I just wanted to mention that from an audience perspective, I find your blog posts a source of inspiration on multiple levels – fashion, travel, family life, organizing, decorating, great sales and more. For example, I’ve never used a travel agent before, but your post made me want to try it for the first time and after an amazing stay at the Four Seasons Orlando I’m thrilled I did! (You’re right – you can’t VIP yourself but Linda sure can!) i just picked up a super cute pair of New Balance sneakers at the J. Crew sale for less than $38. Score! I wouldn’t have seen the sneaks or known about the sale without your post. I don’t think I’m the typical demographic that companies seem interested in influencing through blogs and social media, but here’s the thing – I’m 54 with a family and a demanding full time job. I don’t have time to sit for hours surfing the Internet looking for ideas on the topics above and I’ve begun depending on you for that information. A 22-year old’s taste and experience doesn’t resonate with me – plus, I’m pretty sure I have way more disposable income than your typical 22-year old. As a result, the current “mold” seems like a less-than-ideal business model to me. So you keep doing you – i’m thrilled to be along for the ride!
    PS Happy birthday!

  • Jo Roxburgh
    November 9, 2018

    I just found your blog while looking for a Christmas tree, imagine that and YES! I ordered the same tree you have so more or less, we’re twinnies or shall I say Christmas tree twinnies..Hey embrace 40, I know I did, currently at 51 and I’m not the typical 50ish, I don’t blog but I do love to follow people who are genuine and people I can relate, I still think and write like I’m in high school, I feel young and act young, well, heck, I am just me. Looking forward to reading and following your journey through life.

  • Kelly
    November 15, 2018

    That’s so nice of you to say! Thank you for following – and I am embracing the 40s. Life has been good to me. I’m glad to hear it has been to you!

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