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I have spent my entire life jealous of girls who tanned quickly! The grass is always greener, right? I spent way too much time trying to be tan growing up in Florida – to my now detriment with aging spots and skin. I started self tanning about ten years ago and typically spray tan. However, I’ve found it both time consuming to spray tan, and an expensive habit to keep up. Sometimes I just want a great self tanner to use at home for those days that I need an extra special glow. My latest discovery is the Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil. It’s an organic self tanner and excellent self tanner for both sensitive skin and for your face.

what I like about the josie maran argan oil

  • Has an added benefit of moisturizing your skin with the application.
  • The smell is unobtrusive. Does it smell a little funky? Yes. But I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t. However, my review of the Josie Maran Argan Oil is that it smells far better than a spray tan!
  • The color develops quickly. I like this because if you’re heading out for a date and daytime event, the color will appear within 3o minutes so you can apply your makeup accordingly and know the color it will settle in.

what I don’t like about this natural self tanner

  • Application is very typical for a self tanner. It can be streaky if you don’t pay extra special attention when putting it on.
  • The package comes with a bit meant to use when putting the oil on. It’s not that I don’t like this idea, however I think the mit falls off when you use it. It’s very difficult to wear.
  • I’ve been pouring it directly onto my skin and massaging it into my skin. Yes, this makes your hands orange but it washes off. I think the warmth of hands help blend it better.
  • I’ll continue to experiment using both the more I use it.

best self tanner for face

This is where I think the Josie Maran self tanner shines. It has a beautiful, natural look that develops quickly so you can apply your makeup accordingly knowing what the final base color will be. Plus it’s not drying like some self tanner can be. I think it’s a great organic self tanner and one I’d use for sensitive skin.

On my face I started using it sparingly. The Josie Maran makeup is full of nourishing oil so I would carefully think about how much makeup you wear on top if you’re prone to oily skin.

Is it the best self tanner for your face? I think so. I really enjoy it. Is it the best natural self tanner out there? Ehhh….no but it serves it’s purpose. I’ll also prefer spray tans, but will definitely continue to use this throughout the week as needed! As anyone else used this product and can provide your own Josie Maran Argan Oil review? Would love to hear your experience!

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before and after the self tanner

The left side shows no self tanner, and the right leg has the tanner on it. It’s a subtle glow. For more color I would reapply a second time. The color will continue to develop within thirty minute to an hour.

How to use self tanner and which self tanners are the best. This is a great self tanner for sensitive skin. Review of the Josie Maran Argan oil self tanner.

get this self tanner!

Side note, love this romper and wore it all week on my recent vacation! Looked great with gold gladiators sandals during the day or you could wear some cute wedges for the evening! I wear a size Small.

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