• 2018 giant pool float favorites!

    Our pool is open! We are lucky to have a heated pool. We were able to heat it once, and the weather has remained in the 80s so it’s stayed comfortably warm! Which can only mean…it’s pool float time! I need to get busy prepping my “pool stations” where I keep sunscreen, goggles and toys. Here’s a peak of the pool floats I highly recommend. I’ve tried too many and had very bad luck with a lot of them. Some pool floats lose their air far too quickly. All of these are high quality floats that my kids have tested thoroughly!

    Yes, some are pricey but they will last you all summer long with a ton of use, if not longer. Many of mine have lasted a few years! I am recommending a few affordable ones that have past my “kid stress test” – done in a controlled environment of maybe 5 kids hurling themselves onto it for hours. It’s highly monitored, don’t worry!

    Here are a hit list of my top favorites – both for durability and fun!

    rainbow unicorn float!

    buy here!

    pelican pool float!

    buy pelican here!

    Atlanta Lifestyle Blogger Kelly Page dragging Sir Pelican the giant raft down streets of Rosemary Beach. The Pearl Rosemary Beach. Pelican float.

    beach ball, cactus and kiss me floaties!

    cactus float   |    rainbow wine bottle and glass holder   |   giant red lips 

    Uniforn pool float and Cactus pool float. Great tips for summer party with Butter Chardonnay. Giant inflatable pool floats! How to throw a fun summer party. Tips for music playlists and more! Kid tested pool floats. Won't lose air and will last. Donut pool float, shell float and unicorn.

    giant oyster and pearl float

    buy here! it comes with a cute pearl ball! look how huge it is – super cute.

    Oyster pool float with pearl. Yellow Alexis dress.

    other favorites you should have!

    beach ball (pack of 2)   |   turtle (sons favorite!)   |   small emojis – fun to have floating around!   |   donut with sprinkles


    Giant beach balls Beach and pool inflatable. Durable pool floats that will last for years.


    pricey but worth it – they last and make a big splash!

    affordable & great quality!

    (the turtle is a must if you have boys or sea animal lovers!)


    more amazing inflatables


    photos by KVC Photography and FolkHouse Creative


    1. Dora
      June 15, 2018 / 9:21 pm

      Love pool toys. The bigger the better

    2. July 2, 2018 / 11:06 am

      I love your content and enjoy your post. I don’t have a pool, but my sil dose so I’m fwd to her..

      • Kelly
        July 19, 2018 / 11:11 am

        Thank you, Lynn! I so appreciate you helping me spread the word of my blog!

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