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A few months ago some friends woke me up to the realization that age is happening whether I like it or not and I didn’t have a good skincare regimen. I’ve always been more of a wash and moisturize and that’s it girl. It wasn’t working for me. I have large pores that were visibly clogged. I started asking around to what people used and put new products to the test. My skin is normal – some days it’s oily, some days it’s dry. It can be sensitive since my skin is fair and easily turns red. After eight weeks of trying products in this combination I’ve found a solid morning skincare routine and the best nighttime skin routine for me.

Following this nighttime skin routine has made my pore size looks smaller (you can’t shrink pores, just the appearance of), and they are less clogged. My skin is smoother, more evenly toned and I breakout less. So I’m endorsing my skincare routine because it’s working for me! So far so good!

If you haven’t read my post about my morning skincare routine, you can read it here.

best nighttime skin routine for my skin

Best skincare for older ladies.

step 1

  1. I begin by washing my face with a gentile drugstore cleanser, not soap. I prefer non foaming, lotion type cleansers that are soft and not drying. I use only the cleanser, water and my hands to rub makeup off.
  2. Then I use drugstore eye makeup remover to remove makeup from that softer skin area.
  3. Lastly, I use a warm washcloth and the cleanser to be sure all makeup is removed. I lightly scrub with washcloth to be sure all makeup is removed.
  4. After all makeup is removed with washcloth, I rewash with my cleanser and water.

Note about Clarisonic: I have one and love it. But I only use the Clarisonic (with sensitive skin brush) on days when I really have my makeup caked on. Also, I try to only use the Clarisonic when my skin is feeling extra oily. The Clarisonic brush can be very abrasive so it’s best to not use it when you’re using a lot of exfoliating products or it will aggrivate your skin. If you’ve just started using Retinol, tread carefully!

step 2

This step only applies if you feel a breakout coming on.

I have been using The Ordinary Zinc Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% when I feel zits forming.  I had read zinc helps. I’ve been testing this and it works (for me at least!) I put this on and let it soak in before starting the rest of my regimen.

I use the Zinc a lot on days when I come home from the gym, wash my face but don’t have time for quick shower. I put the Zinc on while I cook dinner, etc so it can help with the “sweat zits” that typically appear! I’ve been really impressed with how this stops them from fully forming!

My nighttime skincare routine. How I use retinol and The Ordinary Products along with the Bobbi Brown eye cream.

step 3

Apply Retinol. I will be writing a separate post on how I use retinol because it can be tricky. I think I’ve cracked the code on how to best use it for my skin. My plastic surgeon and dermatologist both say this is without a doubt the best anti aging medicine with a proven track record of results. So if you want results, you need to have retinol as part of your skincare regimen.

Retinol works so well to keep your pores unclogged and appear smaller. When I stop using it my pores go right back to looking large and having a lot of cebum in them. Gross! I do a rotation of Retinol solutions every night to avoid that peeling, overly red, yuckiness that comes with using retinoids. You can read more about that in my post coming up. Be sure you get my newsletter so you know when it’s out!

The only issue is I always felt like retinol was drying and wanted to know which moisturizer to use with retinol, or if I could at all?

How to use retinol serum. The Ordinary Retinal and Differin gel.

step 4

If you think you need moisturizer at night, you must let the retinol soak in at least 20 minutes before even thinking of applying another product. This is important. My dermatologist, aesthetician and plastic surgeon have all emphasized the importance of making sure the Retinol has adequate time to be absorbed before you put on any other product!

best nighttime skincare routine.


If you’re having an “off retinol” night or skipping it for awhile, I’d use the The Ordinary’s Buffet. I think this is a really nice, hydrating serum. It’s not too much, not too little. Warning though – a little goes a long way and can be sticky so use sparingy!

The Ordinary skincare regimen guide. How I use The Ordinary products with my skincare routine.

step 5

Apply under eye cream. Just like in the morning, I use the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream in the evening. I swear I have not found an under eye cream that tops this. It’s just so lush, creamy and deeply moisturizing. I also love that it wears well under makeup. So for me, the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream is an amazing bang for the buck since you can use it both day and night. I’ve notice a massive difference in my under eyes since starting to use this a few months ago! Now granted, the filler and botox helped a great deal with lifting my eyelids but I started using this cream before I had the done and still recommend it!

Best eye cream for women. Bobbi Brown eye cream.

Nighttime skincare routine. Learn what moisturizer to use with retinol and when to put moisturizer on after retinol. Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream.

step 6

Do this step if you’re skin feels really dry.

Apply a moisturizer after giving your retinol ample time to soak in. I apply moisturizer if my skin feels dry or irritated. However, if it feels oily or like it needs a good boost of retinol to help my pores I leave it be and let the eye cream be my last step!

I have used these 3 moisturizers and like them for various reasons. Again, future post coming about moisturizers! (Newsletter, hello!)

Oil of Olay Regenerist    |     Aveseena    |     Dr. Jart


Evening skincare routine order.


Best skin moisturizer for mature skin.

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Review of The Ordinary Skincare line.

a note about The Ordinary skincare line

The Ordinary Skincare Regimen products sell like hotcakes and are all the rage. They are sold out all the time. If you find it in your local Sephora (they only store it’s sold in in the US) good for you. Typically most stores are sold out and it’s online only, and you get on a waitlist! There are some pro’s and con’s to their products I’ll outline for you:

the ordinary pro’s

Price. Hello. $10 for some products with high potency ingredients? I’ll take a dozen, thanks.

the con’s of the ordinary

Zero direction on how to use, what order to use them in and what works best with which. You basically have to be a chemist to get this straight. After using The Ordinary Skincare products my new skincare regimen for about eight weeks, I’ve found a combination and order that is working for me. I’ll keep you posted if any of this changes!

best nighttime skin routine

Anyone else have experience, professional advice or thoughts on my nighttime skin regimen? I’d love to hear what works for you!




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