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Running a house with three busy kids means there’s a lot of “stuff.” I am fortunate to have a lot of storage space, however more storage space is the same as carrying a big purse. The more space you have, the more you cram in it! Over the last few years, my closets had become so full that I could never find what I needed. I’ve spent the last few months streamlining every closet for efficiency. These are the closet organization ideas that are working for me in our bathroom. It’s been especially helpful when organizing under my bathroom  sink area and shelf space in my linen closet! Here’s how I’m implementing my bathroom closet organization!

medicine organization

I found Lazy Susan’s that aren’t lazy! I used to hate Lazy Susan’s because things always fell over as I turned it. The new models come with dividers and varying height levels. This is perfect. Is it weird I’m excited about updated Lazy Susan’s?  I think it’s weird.

I use them for medicine in our bathroom that’s appropriate for my husband and I. And then I put one in our kitchen with more mainstream medicine for the kids or basic Tylenol.

Since taking these photos I’ve added labels for things like bathtub supplies, lotions, laxatives (yep you read that right) and more. 🙂

linen storage

I carefully laid out every “must have” linen for our bathroom. If it wasn’t needed it was donated. If it belonged to another room it found a new home. I now only have now what we absolutely must have in our bathroom.

Then I laid everything out on the shelf and labeled where everything should go. This really helps when putting laundry away (and having your kids do a chore to help!) to easily find where things go and now let the piles get sloppy.

I took this a step forward laying out toiletries we always need and found spots for those. So now my closet has been organized with space for kleeex, soap, extra shampoo, toilet paper and more. I can’t tell you how helpful this has been in my home organization. This way I know exactly what we have in each bathroom and can add to the list what we need as we run out of something! It’s also really helpful when my husband says “we have no more Kleenex!” and I can easily direct him to the label and show him. What is it with men not being able to see anything than what’s right in front of their nose?!?!?

toiletry storage idea

Yes, I’m a bit of a product junkie. So I have a few different hair conditioning masks, various shampoos, detanglers, etc. The Lazy Susan that has high sides and wide compartments works amazingly well for this! I put some under my sink and grouped them accordingly.

I labeled each area so that I could easily spin and find what I need. This really also helped me visualize that I do not need to buy any more hair conditioning masks! Apparently I’m all set! I didn’t have this visual cue when it was all lined up in my cabinets! 🙂

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Another post is on it’s way with how I cleaned and organized my clothes closet, so stay tuned for that! Be sure you are on the list to be notified as new posts come!

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    Cathy Wolfe
    April 28, 2018 / 1:57 pm

    I really like reading your blogs and your Christmas trees are beautiful, that’s how I found you. So funny I stumbled onto this blog today…I too am suffering in bed but with a broken tibia and fibula, it does get very depressing…I look around and everything is dusty or out of place but I can only go as far as the bathroom and that’s with a walker…in a boot for four weeks and probably another four weeks, was in splint for two weeks, had surgery with rod and pins in my leg, some say why can’t you walk yet w/o your walker…I say it’s a looooooooong process and I too feel the I’m going cuckoo thing but I tell my family, I’m fine, you don’t have to call in the troops as you say ,lol…so glad for the chuckles and hope!!! I won’t say I hope you have a speedy recovery because there’s nothing speedy about this… I do hope you have a good outcome and thanks again for the beautiful pics and tips and the laughs today and to know that I’m not the only one in a situation like this .. just can’t believe that one second falling on the ice changed my whole life for months and months!!!!

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