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There is an issue in my bathroom. The counter runneth over with lipsticks and glosses. I can never have too many! #truth #addicted

Here’s a rundown of my all time top picks that I think work for everyone. I’m including every lipstick that people have asked me about and ones I think you’ll love!

You may notice I list a lot of the same brands. That’s because I think they all deliver on my criteria – great color, length of wear, non-drying and worth the money. NARS I find is especially priced well.


Best lipsticks for Fair skin with red undertones.


favorite glosses

These glosses add gorgeous glossy color, but without that soaking wet shiny dripping wet lip (you know what I’m talking about, right?) You can always pat down the shine with your finger tip but maintain the gorgeous color if you prefer. I find glosses really fun because I like to mix them into my lipstick for my own color and add a tiny bit of shimmer when I’m feeling fancy. None of these are drying nor too tacky feeling!

Sadly, my absolute favorite lipgloss to date (MAC Ample Pink – the perfect neutral and formula for a gloss) was discontinued years ago. I still have some left (I buy in bulk for my favorites!) so I’m back on the hunt soon for a similar look. Will keep you posted!

NARS Supervixen – great neutral. Layers beautiful on top of the NARS Falbala I listed below. Or great to use with a nice neutral lipliner (I love the NARS Rosebud.) This is a nice one especially for fall if you might start rocking the beige, browns and deeper tones. 

Laura Mercier Babydoll – a pretty staple color I layer on top of a ton of my lipsticks which I want an extra pop. This is a very simple, light pink when worn alone. Not in your face, just pretty. 


neutral lipstick

NARS Falbala – this is a must have. I own at least three; one for my house, one for my car and one for my purse. A great neutral lipstick with a hint of sheen to make it non-drying and easy to slide on. Beautiful formula and great color for almost any skintone!

Bobbi Brown Tulle – I purchased this lipstick at least nine years ago and it’s still for sale. It’s that good. It’s a timeless shade of pink. Bobbi Brown is known for not making statement makeup – she prefers the “I’m not wearing makeup” makeup look. So you can always count on her to develop easy to wear colors. 


bold colors

Give me a bold lip any day. While my husband doesn’t care for bold lipstick, I personally can’t get enough. I just love being a woman – and that means playing with lipstick. So for me, why not? You only live once. Pop up on that bright red or pink! It’ll instantly perk up your face!

MAC Candy Yum-Yum – all day baby. I keep this one in my car to put on throughout the day. When my makeup is fading and I’m looking haggard, this totally perks up and brightens my face! Shine on, girl. Love this lipstick – put it in your cart and try it!

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Infatuated Red (only sold at NARS stores or online.) This is a fabulous red that works great for skin tones like mine – fair skin but with a lot of red and pink undertones. There’s a good deal of blue mixed in with this red to give it an awesome deep shade that looks so beautiful and flattering. It’s very matte for sure – so the name is true. It won’t give you an ounce of sheen. Which is what I like – it’s a bold color without going over the top with a bunch of gloss (though don’t think I don’t have those nights where I wear this with a red gloss, too!) But I highly recommend this color if you’re looking for a red matte color. 

NARS La Main Bleue – this goes on like a gloss, but really feels like a very rich satiny lipstick. It’s a bit slippery at first but starts to dry ten minutes after you apply it. It has a matte appearance on but with a good bit of moisture. 


simple pinks

Bobbi Brown Babe – a new formula addition to the Bobbi Brown family and a winner for me! The Babe color is like a pink stain look – almost bee stung in it’s appearance. It’s very smooth and buttery and is not drying or cracking at all. Big fan!

Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink – a cult classic formula that has been selling like hotcakes since she started selling these (back when I was in high school – I’m struggling to absorb that thought.) I’ll never forget getting my makeup done at the new fancy Bobbi Brown color. I think I had a kit with nearly every one of her colors that are still for sale. Why get rid of what works?

Benefit Cheek & Lip Stain – fan favorite of mine for years. Especially in the summer! Swipe it on your cheeks and pat it on for blush, then swipe your lips for a pretty stain that lasts! If you want color on your lips but can’t constantly reapply (like at work or a night out) this is a great thing product to have in your makeup kit. It’s a no fail – one color fits all – product that you’ll love! They’ve been selling it for at least 20 years. Which should give you a clue about how much people like it… 🙂 Throw it in your shopping cart! 

Please share your favorites in the comments! Would love to hear your top lipsticks to try! 

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