3 inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

I want people to love Valentine’s Day. In fact, I want them to celebrate all days of Valentines week! I know there are those who don’t. If you don’t, I beg you to please, please read this post I wrote awhile back about my thoughts on the holiday. In the meantime, these are 3 ways I love to celebrate the holiday with my three little chickens. All three are inexpensive valentine day ideas that you could easily use as a Valentine for kids or your loved friend/special one/Grandma! Pardon the photos. These are actual photos I took from my cell phone last year. I had no idea I’d write a blog post on cheap things to do on valentine’s day. However, I thought it would be nice to show the genuine images, rather than stage them! Because this holiday, after all, should not be about be disingenuous. Real expression of thought and love are all that’s required!

Love Today mug. Pink Hershey Kisses and pink cake plate. Cute Valentine's Day gifts and ways to celebrate the holiday with kids.

Morning Surprise

Who doesn’t want candy on Valentine’s Day? My three kiddos love it. So my husband and I write out little love notes on their floor with the candy. This may gross some of you out, in which case grab a poster board or something to use! I used Twizzlers in this photo, but really any kind of candy will do. I smile as I write that because my high school boyfriend once wrote “I love Kelly” on the hood of my car in Hershey Kisses. Would have been a thoughtful gesture if I hadn’t found out later that he and his best friend had a competition of who could be the coolest boyfriend on Valentine’s Day with the best idea. Oh well – he wasn’t a catch at all. His idea was good, though! Thanks dude for helping with this inexpensive Valentine Day ideas post all these years later. 🙂

I continue with the candy to the kitchen where I usually make a special breakfast. No frills, but lots of fun and really inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Cheap Valentine's Day ideas.
My 3 favorite inexpensive Valentine Day ideas. Create a cute and super cheap Valentine for kids, or get a new idea for cheap things to do on Valentine's Day to show your friends or loved ones what they mean to you! Genuineness required, money is not!

A door of love!

I love hearing how great I am, don’t you? Ha! I tease. But truly, don’t you want the people in your life to take notice and let you know? All in moderation –  if you tell me how great I am on the daily I find you suspect. 🙂 But truly – I love the idea of our kids and loved ones knowing the little things we all see in them that make them rock. For our daughter’s birthday her Grandparents were in town. My husband and I, her brothers and my in-laws each took 10 post-it’s to write our own thoughts on what made her unique. She woke up to a door of love notes. One of several cheap things to do on Valentine’s Day that let’s someone know they are valued, treasured and appreciated. All with the cost of one pack of Post-Its!

I plan on repeating this for Valentine’s Day this year but for my whole family. I’ll have my husband and daughter all write notes for the boys, the boys for their sister, and then the kids for their Daddy! A whole circle of love! We could do this as a way to take turns and spread the love over all days of Valentines week! This is one of those inexpensive Valentine Day ideas that creates a lasting memory because you can tuck the Post-It notes away to save and re-read.

Easy ways to celebrate your childs birthday. inexpensive birthday celebration ideas and Valentine's Day surprises.

Balloon Trail!

If you haven’t read my post on my favorite birthday tradition, then take a look. But I love to do this for Valentine’s Day, too. Balloons are a ridiculously easy Valentine for kids. Kids have obsessions with balloons, don’t they?

Easy ways to celebrate holidays with kids.

Watch my video on how I make my balloons extra!

A super fun Valentine for Kids and get some cute ideas for inexpensive presents to gift all days of Valentines week.





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