10 wardrobe travel essentials

My husband and I just returned for eight glorious days in Italy! We spent a few days in Rome, followed by gorgeous tours up and down the Amalfi Coast. We stopped in Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Praiano, Pompeii and more. Glorious, all glorious!

Club Monaco dress for women. How to wear tennis shoes with a dress. What to wear for a trip to Italy. My husband and I spent eight glorious days in Italy. You'll never believe it, but we both carried on! I packed all classic pieces that could be interchanged and dressed fancy, or dressed casually. Here are my 10 wardrobe travel essentials that carried us through different temperatures, settings and experiences!
Club Monaco hat and Club Monaco dress. Easy to wear travel outfit in gray and blush pink. Black cross body bag.
Club Monaco Hats for Women. What to wear to Italy.
Anthropologie Dresss - long Sundry cotton dress in Army green. Rouching gives you curve but the midi length of this dress is awesome!
How to wear a blazer over a dress. Club Monaco Blazer over a cotton midi length dress from Anthropologie. Sneakers.
What to wear to the Vatican for women. Cheetah print scarf and white cardigan.
How to wear Blazers with Jeans and sandals. Amalfi Coast outfit.

While I was there I did not blog. I didn’t check my Instagram, I didn’t even take my real camera! We decided to go as the Romans did – without connection to the real world (well, OK that’s a stretch!) but we only took photos on our cell phones with the intention of sharing them with our kids back home. So you won’t find any fashion blogger #ootd (outfit of the day!) pics here! I have in my mind a long blog post to write about what I learned about myself through this trip, and it’s far too important to write while jet lagged!

I’m sharing 10 wardrobe essentials for packing and traveling. Why? You’ll never believe it, but we both carried on! I packed all classic pieces that could be interchanged and dressed fancy, or dressed casually. Am so pleased with what I brought that I’m sharing now since a lot of it is on sale! 

Ciao, friends. Italy – you have my heart! And you have my waistline, too. I have um, some detoxing to do, in order to fit back into my jeans!

Travel Essentials for Everyone!

Longchamp bag — folds up in your bag so you can use it on trip. Or use to carry home souvenirs! Weather proof, bonus!

Vera Bradley Weekender Bag – I love this. If you are going somewhere that doesn’t need a hard luggage exterior, this baby will carry – it – all! It also does have a luggage strap so you can wrap it around your luggage as a secondary carry on. See below how I’m using mine!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo – the best dry shampoo there is. Period. This is a travel size that will make hair maintenance a breeze!

Awesome makeup bag with LED lights in it! One of Oprah’s favorite things. Perfect for car trips, train trips – or wherever you are and need to get in it, but need some light! Super cool. Love mine.

Favorite jewelry holder. A spot for everything, and everything in it’s place!

Classic Tumi luggage – worth the investment! This one is on sale!

Passport holder – doubles as wallet and crossbody bag!

The best, most versatile Spanx. Period.

Inexpensive trench coat for layering (on sale!)

Awesome slide on shoes that can be dressed up or down.

Vera Bradley Luggage and floral midi dress with braid hair updo.

Outfit suggestions for easy changes. 

Poncho – from bathing suit cover up to dinner. This is amazingly cute & affordable!

Affordable scarf – to cover your shoulders if you’re traveling in Europe and entering churches. Or to add a pop of color to outfit!

Easy dress – belt it if you want, or leave it loose if you ate too much!

Barefoot Dreams cardigan – perfect for chilly evenings, or lounging in hotel room.

Cute cardigan – easy layering and this has a hint of shimmer if you need to dress it up!

Weatherproof Trench with removable hood. Classic. You’ll always have this!


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