My Woven Hammock is where Mommy is Hiding

Where’s Kelly? Has anyone seen her? She can’t hear the constant “Mommy, I need this” or “Mommy, I spilled that”. No…..she can’t! Why? She’s outside hiding under a faux-fur blanket in a woven hammock with a book pretending that the holiday list is fully checked off and all is calm and bright!

outdoor hammock hanging by house with gray cedar shingles and cafe lights with girl in gray socks and gray pants

winter hammock hanging outside with white garden stool and winter lights and faur fur gray blanket

kelly page in pink pom pom cashmere beanie in woven hammock by winter lights


woven hammock outside with indoor outdoor blanket by cape code white gate and climbing hydrangea bushWe recently got a hammock from hayneedle for our back porch. It’s fab-u-lous. My kids love it just as much as I do! It’s been a perfect addition to our home. Our daughter spent all late summer and fall curled up with a book outside. And now that it’s chilly out I found a great faux-fur blanket and am now out there myself rocking myself into calmness during the busy holiday season.

There’s a reason babies get rocked to sleep. It’s soothing. Our woven hammock does the same thing for me. This style we have is a gorgeous style, too. I love the fringe, beading and design of it. The frame is really large – 15 feet, so you do need a lot of space if you’re using the frame.

This particular hammock can fit me and one of my children easily. Now, I have crammed in there with me and two children but it’s a bit tight. My husband and I can fit but not side by side. We sit facing each other. I wouldn’t say we fit perfectly (in the hammock that is – in life we do. All together now, awwww), so you need to enjoy being very close to your husband if you get this particular hammock because you will be very snuggled up! Snug as a bug! It’s the perfect size for one adult, or one adult and small child.

In the spring I plan on having my husband hang it from the ceiling with rope, but I’ll surprise him with that news around March. He’ll love that surprise, don’t you think?!

In the meantime, if you live in a climate that can handle 20 minutes outside under a cozy blanket, I really recommend you get a woven hammock. A little bit of fresh air and quiet time rocking yourself in a beautiful hammock will help keep you in the holiday spirit. A glass of wine along with it doesn’t hurt either!

This hammock would make a great Christmas gift for in-laws, parents or even a treat for yourself for your own home!

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I was gifted this Hammock from Hayneedle in exchange for my unbiased review. 


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