white + gold sweaters are HOT for summer!

white + gold sweaters are HOT for summer!

white and gold outfit ideas

TKO with this metallic gold sleeveless sweater. I stumbled on this Lilly Pulitzer sleeveless sweater by accident and am in love. I’m typically not a Lilly lover since I prefer more neutral colors and simple (if any) print. However, I recently found this gorgeous metallic gold sleeveless sweater when looking for something to wear to family beach photos. I’m also head over heals with white and gold outfit ideas as you can see from this post as well!

Lilly Pulitzer gold mesh sweater with tassels and white cotton summer pants with gold gladiators against a white wall in Alys Beach.


Wow in a word and bravo to Lilly for creating something timeless for not only mosts events in life, but all seasons. Usually their prints are so loud (is that bad? I’m sorry Lilly lovers) that if you wear one it’s noted and remembered so it’s hard to repeat. This sleeveless sweater for women is neutral enough you can wear it with so many different things that it won’t scream “yes, I’ve worn this sweater eight times this month!”

White cotton pants summer outfit with gold sleeveless sweater. White and gold outfits for women inspiration.

White and gold outfit ideas. Gold Gladiator sandals made by Lilly Pulitzer. Lilly Pulitzer summer sandals with white pants.

Elegant. Tassel detail. A slight sheen in the gold and a gorgeous mesh knit makes it really lovely. The tassel string does fringe at the bottom so handle it carefully and don’t wear any snaggy bracelets.

Lilly Pulitzer Sweater and Cardigans in neutral colors with classic knit detail but gold threading.

I paired it for the family photos with some great white cotton pants and gladiator flats, but this could easily get dressed up. Here are a few ways you can wear this gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer sweater! Don’t forget to reference my Sizing Guide when ordering online. Knowing my measurements (gulp – the things I do for this blog) will help you when picking the right size. If it doesn’t help you, lie to me please. I’m putting it all out there, people!

white and gold outfit ideas + cardigan option

sweater  |  white pants  |  sandals


how I’d wear a white and gold outfit in the fall

jeans  |  blazer  |  ankle strap kitten heals



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