christmas decoration organization

Over the years I’ve streamlined Christmas decoration organization to make decorating and cleaning easier. These are my tips for Christmas garland storage, wreath storage and also storage for Christmas ornaments.

christmas garland storage

I rely on giant plastic bins for Christmas garland storage, or heavy duty industrial type cardboard boxes. You don’t want anything that can bend or concave. Each container that that’s around 18 gallons will hold two 9′ garland strands. If your garland has glass ornaments or ribbon, use bubble paper around the ornament and inside the ribbon to protect it.

tip #1

Keep tools you use to hang the garland inside the Christmas garland storage bins. I prefer fabric garland ties (see this post on why I recommend them) so I keep six inside each bin since I typically use that many to hang two large garland strands.

How to store Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree decorations.


wreath storage

I’ve been using these wreath storage bags for wreath storage for years. They are fine if they aren’t ornate wreaths. However, if you have ornate wreaths I recommend using this kind of storage bin. Again, I keep the tools I need to hang them in with the wreath like ribbon and push pins for hanging.

Note, if you’re storing a preserved boxwood wreath, give it a good soaking in water and let it dry before storing. Don’t keep it in a room with fluctuating temperature. An attic will destroy the preserved boxwood!

wreath storage bag

Top tips for Christmas decoration organization. Everything from Christmas garland storage storage, to Christmas ornaments and wreath storage!Ideas on how to design cabinet build ins. If you building custom cabinetry, see how I chose to organize my cabinets in my dining room built ins for easy storage for serving pieces and holiday decor.

storage for christmas ornaments

I use this SnapWare as storage for christmas ornaments and plan on buying more than what I have next year. I like them for personal ornaments because as your kids help hang them, you can open one layer at a time. This way they don’t get cracked if you open one giant box of them, or close up fast if you have to pause! They stack nicely and let you build on them as your collection and need for storage for christmas ornaments grows!

storage for Christmas ornaments

tip #2

Label bins for easy set up and clean up. I label mine as precisely as possible. Example: Family Room Mantle, Family Room Coffee Table, or include Foyer Christmas Garland storage labels.

I do this because I often don’t decorate all in one day. Life is too busy. So if I have an hour, I’ll grab one bin that I know I can tackle in one hour and put away. Label makers make life much easier!

favorite label makerHow to store Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree decorations.

tip #3

If you have the space, store your decor for that room in that room. I realize this isn’t practical for most, it helps. Even if it’s Christmas mugs way on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet.

In our dining room I had cabinets built at the very top. I keep only my dining room holiday decor in here.  It makes hauling things around the house much easier when it’s located near where it’s going!

How to store dishware.How to store mugs and cups.

serving piece storageWhite cabinets built into wall with antiqued mirror and gold hardware. Compartments for storing Christmas decorations up high with access to everyday serving pieces below.

Read more about how I organized my Dining Room cabinets in this post!













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