Ravello, Italy

Ravello Italy. Where the sky is pink, the mountains and oceans beckon you to sip wine a little longer, and the air makes you breathe deeper. We went to the Amalfi Coast September 2018, spending a night in the beautiful town of Ravello. Ravello is a little town at the top of the Amalfi Coast. It’s a quiet place and probably my favorite stopping point on our trip to the Amalfi Coast! We wish we had stayed here at least three nights.

How to spend a day in Ravello

The Ravello Vibe

It’s a sit and drink a glass of wine while watching the sun set type of place. You don’t want to be on a schedule here. This is where you sit, linger and take in the views. The feeling of Ravello will envelop you in serenity! I wouldn’t recommend hiring a tour guide in this town. Slow down, let the roads lead you and enjoy the food, wine and total relaxation!

Hotel Recommendation

Palazzo Avino

We stayed at this magnificent, gem of a hotel. The service was impeccable, hotel full of Italian warmth and decadence. It also has one of the most romantic bars and restaurant views I’ve ever been to! Highly recommend! Sit and order a Bellini and let the stress float away!

Palazzo Avino review for trip.
View from Palazzo Avino. Review of Palazzo Avino.
View from our room!
Palazzo Avino bar and restaurant reviews.
My handsome hubby waiting for me at the bar. I snuck this photo!

What to Do

Villa Rufolo

Soak in the magical gardens, Moorish architecture and historic building. The tile floors and chandeliers had me swooning! In the summer they have a concert series – this is on my list of things to do when we go back!

Gardens of Ravello, Italy
Views from Villa Rufolo.

Shop! Beautiful little shops are everywhere. I bought some gorgeous Italian linens, olive oil and balsamic! Have them take you through a tasting and let them know what you usually cook with. The flavors are delicious!

Ravello staircase and review of Ravello, Italy.
Advice for planning a trip to Ravello.

Advice for all of Italy

Carry a shawl, scarf or jacket everywhere you go. You need to cover your arms in every church (and believe me, there are so many beautiful ones you’ll be stopping in at every one!) On this day it started chilly so I brought this blazer which I used in evenings to dress up jeans if needed. Oh, and the blazer is on sale! Otherwise bring a scarf and tie it around your handbag to have at the ready!

How to wear an Hermes scarf with casual outfit.

Duomo Cathedral

Sundry Dress and New Balance tennis shoes.
Duomo Cathedral in Ravello

Where to Eat

Lunch Recommendation: Garden Ravello. Jackie Kennedy used to lunch there. Quiet. Relaxing. Delicious! And with quite the view! A great local place.

Dinner Recommendation: Rossellin’s at Palazzo Avino. Romantic, delicious, decadent! One Michelin Star rated restaurant.

Ravello, I can’t wait to visit you again!

Tile work in Italy. Activities in Ravello, Italy.

Clothing Recommendations

Easy to wear tee-shirt dresses and comfy tennis shoes. Note, my blazer is on sale!

Few other options!

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Ravello, Italy