tutorial with beyonce’s makeup artist!

Tips on how to apply concealer the right way from Beyonce's makeup artist, Sir John. Professional makeup artist tips on everyday makeup tricks - from concealer, to what powder to use, to what foundation Sir John recommends! A video tutorial from one of the best makeup artists in the business!
Video tutorial from top makeup artist, Sir John. He shows me how to apply everyday makeup - mastering under eye concealer application, what not to do and easy tips to make your makeup look better. Top tips from Beyonce's makeup artist, Sir John.

It was my extreme honor to be one of four Atlanta bloggers asked by Allergan to learn more about botox, filler and their skincare line, SkinMedica. Dr. Kavali, is an Atlanta Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and nationwide Allergan training specialist. She walked me through a lot of information. A future blog post with her full video interview coming soon. In the meantime, you can read my blog post about my experience with Botox & Filler here!

As a bonus, Sir John, a renown makeup artist was there for one-on-one meetings. Sir John is the makeup artist for Beyonce, Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss and sooo many more.

My goal? Ask useful information that YOU guys would want to know about. While it would be fascinating to learn how to do a dramatic Beyonce eye, that’s just not real life for me. We were supposed to have only 15 minutes together but I was sneaky and turned it in 45 minutes. ūüôā Don’t think I didn’t have a plan on that…anything for makeup tips by real deal professionals!

This video is him showing me how to best apply under-eye concealer. He examines my foundation giving his thoughts on each of them, and helps me better understand fundamental techniques to applying everyday makeup! May this video help¬†you as much as it helped me! My apologies in advance for sound quality and poor lighting. We were working with what we had – I totally sprung this video on him and he rolled with it! He was genuine, kind, fun and super helpful! He also gave me his cell to text with questions which was – I mean – beyond. Without further ado…get your notepads ready. And please leave comments/questions below with anything we may have covered off camera!

video with sir john and me – helpful to see his technique and movement

Lighting and audio are bad – so sorry!

key takeaways

  • Sir John applies make up in this order: foundation (even under eyes), then finish eyes (shadow, liner, mascara), brows and then under eye concealer. Lightly set under eye concealer with loose powder and only use powder in T-Zone.
  • If you have to wipe off anything that may have fallen on skin when doing your eyes and need to wipe it off, be sure and¬†reapply under eye moisturizer. Moisture, moisture, moisture for under eye area!
  • He’s not a fan of an all over matte finish so he only powder blush where needed and not all over your face. He recommends cream powder for a dewy look. I loved the blush he recommended – it’s Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff!
  • Under-eye color correcting isn’t crucial. Yes, it’s nice and good to do if you have time, but he thinks what matters more is applying one concealer properly. I was proud that he loved my under eye concealer from Bobbi Brown and said he was going to start using it. I gave myself a silent high five!
  • He uses a Mac eye shadow brush to apply concealer. This was a game changer for me since I’ve always only used my fingers! He said it adds a soft, airbrush look far better than patting it on.¬†
  • Key to under eye concealer – use a highly moisturizing one. Use moisturizer first and then a moisturizing concealer. And most importantly, only use a tiny bit of loose setting powder to keep it in place. But do¬†not pack on that powder. It’s drying!
  • Sir John says¬†never use packed powder on your eyes. He said the formula for those powders is too drying for that skin area.¬†Always use loose powder around eye area. The drier that eye area, the worse it looks. Such good information!
  • You shouldn’t see any skin between your eye liner and mascara. Nothing – nada. Use black liner in waterline and keep it really close to lash line. Ensure a strong black definition at that lash line. Watch video for his technique. The brush and waterproof gel was life changing for me.¬†So much¬†easier to apply than liquid liner!
  • He prefers applying foundation with a Beauty Blender – but blender must be wet. This I’ve known, but in case you didn’t know, now you know. Never use a dry beauty blender. I enjoyed hearing that he prefers the Beauty Blender over his fingers or a brush.

products he recommends for under-eye concealer

foundations sir john likes

feedback on foundation I’ve been using

products sir john universally recommends

makeup brushes he used

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  • Jen Z
    October 15, 2018

    Will you also upload the original video you did as a live? Even though the audio was hard to hear, the sound distortion was a little better than this version. GREAT INFORMATION!! Thank you for taking us along with you on this awesome experience!

  • janephoven
    October 24, 2018

    Awesome. The links at the bottom about what he used, etc. don’t work!

    • Joyce
      November 15, 2018

      Could you tell me what Gucci perfume you wear. I am looking for a new perfume.

    • Kelly
      November 15, 2018

      Oh no! Which are broken? They are working on my end???

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