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Top 5 Things to do in Grand Teton National Park

Top 5 Things to do in Grand Teton National Park

Our family of five just got back from Jackson Hole. We all voted and here are our 5 top things to do in Grand Teton. Among them are the Snake River Rafting, Phelps Lake (one of the best hikes in Grand Teton), seeing Jenny Lake Grand Teton & more!

My Families Top 5 Things to Do in Grand Teton

What to do in Grand Tetons with kids.

We spent a week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We did a family trip, including our three kids (12-year-old girl, 9-year-old identical twins.) Jackson Hole is a perfect place to do a family vacation – especially one during the Coronavirus! We toured the area for a week and spent a lot of time in the Grand Teton and Snake River area. If you’re looking for things to do in Grand Teton, this list of my top five favorite things will help you! I’ll cover everything from Snake River Rafting, to Phelps Lake, to the best hikes in Grand Teton, and of course the magical Jenny Lake Grand Teton!

#1 Snake River Rafting Float

The Snake River is spectacular. We did a family Snake River Rafting trip. We had planned on doing white water rafting, but it was sold out. We did a private float with a guide. Tip: absolutely get a guide. What I found most amazing about the Snake River is that the water channels are always changing. The channels can change on a dime – if a tree falls in it will block one access area and create a new one.

Having a guide who can navigate this is very important. There have been deaths on the Snake River, even by Guides learning the new channels every season, so hiring a professional is a must, in my opinion.

The views along the Snake River Rafting trip are spectacular. It’s a very, very peaceful ride. My children even fell asleep!

The total float time is around 90-120 minutes. They took a 20-minute catnap. In July, the weather is beautiful. We found it a bit breezy while floating, so plan to wear a light jacket and maybe even sweatpants. This is a great excursion for little kids – even babies. It’s so quiet and peaceful that you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and they’ll likely feel the serenity and sleep!

You don’t need to wear a swimming suit during the Snake River Rafting excusion because you don’t get wet. We didn’t know that so we wore one. I would recommend layers – a tank top, bathing suit, sweatshirt and sweatpants and you’ll be all set.

Don’t forget your camera because you never know what you’ll see! We saw a deer and at least four Bald Eagles. The Snake River Rafting float is a much do – especially for families with young kids, or even adults looking to take in the beautiful of the Grand Tetons in a leisurely way.

#2: See Jenny Lake Grand Teton

Jenny Lake Grand Teton is absolutely one of top Things to Do in Grand Teton National Park. It’s jaw dropping beautiful. We’re talking, walk up to it, gasp and start taking pictures every which way beautiful. Photos can’t do Jenny Lake Grand Teton area justice. To see this in person is majestic.

The air is so crisp, the water looks so fresh and the view of the Grand Tetons framing the water mixed with the pines and trees is something not to be missed.

For us, we sat and stared. We talked to people who picnicked there and had a bear walk up to them! That was enough for us to stand back and just enjoy the atmosphere.

My kids sat there staring for at least 30 minutes. One of my sons said “this is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to. I feel very Zen.” This coming from a 9-year-old!

We went in July and the parking lot was packed. But if it’s full, drive around for a bit until you get a spot because Jenny Lake Grand Teton is not something you want to miss!

Our family of five just got back from Jackson Hole. We all voted and here are our 5 top things to do in Grand Teton. Among them are the Snake River Rafting, Phelps Lake (one of the best hikes in Grand Teton), seeing Jenny Lake Grand Teton & more!

 #3 Phelps Lake: One of Best Hikes in Grand Teton!

Oh, holy cow, Phelps Lake will go down in the books as one of our all-time favorite family adventures and our families vote for the top things to do in Grand Teton! I guarantee you my kids will be talking about the hike to Phelps Lake for the rest of their lives!

There are two ways to hike to Phelps Lake. If you’re at the visitor center, go to the right – and keep right for the flat path. We didn’t know that so we went left. The hike to the left is not the flat way! Ha! However, the path to the left to hike to Phelps Lake is by far the most scenic and among the prettiest hikes I’ve ever done.

We hiked the flat path on the way back so I was able to compare, and there is no comparison when it comes to the difference in scenery!

Along the hike to Phelps Lake you’ll cross bridges with incredible water areas, see a waterfall, climb through gorgeous forest and when you see Phelps Lake – well, WOW. Wow is the only word for it!

The hike took us about 90 minutes the long way, and about 40 minutes back via the flat way. We had 3 kids in tow and stopped a few times for photos.

When you get the Phelps Lake, if you’re feeling brave, take the Woodland Trail path to find the jumping rock! This will be an additional 45-minute hike (again, a stunning walk) and you’ll get to a 25’-30’ rock you can “yeet yourself into outer space from” as my daughter would say!

All five of us took the plunge and oh holy Moses is it quite the jump! My advice? Decide you’re going to do it before you get up there, take no more than 4 seconds looking out, do not look down and JUMP! Man will you be glad you did. It’s positively terrifying but you’ll feel like the coolest person on the planet!

My kids seriously found their confidence doing that jump. It’s all they can talk about. They walked so tall on that hike home feeling like they truly conquered something. And I don’t blame them. It’s an enormously tall rock and I was terrified! I jumped a second time and landed on my bootie resulting in the world’s biggest bruise! It still hurts five days later while writing this!!!! The hike to Phelps Lake is the best hike in Grand Teton – absolutely spectacular.

Our family of five just got back from Jackson Hole. We all voted and here are our 5 top things to do in Grand Teton. Among them are the Snake River Rafting, Phelps Lake (one of the best hikes in Grand Teton), seeing Jenny Lake Grand Teton & more!

#4: Wildlife Galore!

See the animals! They are everywhere! You pretty much can’t escape it, which is why it’s an easy way to cross off one of the things to do in Grand Teton list. We saw a moose a few times standing just feet from the drive path! A moose! A few feet away! What in the world?! It was magical! Deer are everywhere and they have the cutest ears ever.

We saw bison grazing. Be sure to bring binoculars because you can’t even believe the size of these creatures!

We saw Bald Eagles, tons of beautiful birds and cute little Marmots! We didn’t see any Elk or Bear because they tend to not be out as much during the day in the summer. I’ll be if you go really early you’ll see them though!

Our family of five just got back from Jackson Hole. We all voted and here are our 5 top things to do in Grand Teton. Among them are the Snake River Rafting, Phelps Lake (one of the best hikes in Grand Teton), seeing Jenny Lake Grand Teton & more!
Our family of five just got back from Jackson Hole. We all voted and here are our 5 top things to do in Grand Teton. Among them are the Snake River Rafting, Phelps Lake (one of the best hikes in Grand Teton), seeing Jenny Lake Grand Teton & more!
Our family of five just got back from Jackson Hole. We all voted and here are our 5 top things to do in Grand Teton. Among them are the Snake River Rafting, Phelps Lake (one of the best hikes in Grand Teton), seeing Jenny Lake Grand Teton & more!

#5: Hire a Tour Guide

Have a guide from Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari’s to take you around. We did a private excursion with them and it was worth every penny. Our guide, Jeffrey, was fabulous and extremely knowledgeable about the entire park. He knew all the in’s and out’s, places to go away from crowds, secret little spots, and best places to take photos!

Jeffrey took us to see Bison, find quaint little lake spots, showed us the highlights, and whatever thing we were interested in, he guided us towards that. I can’t recommend the Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari’s tour company enough. True professionals and who know their stuff. We did an 8-hour tour with them and it was a fabulous way to start our trip and get our bearings. The company provides a lunch which you can stop and eat, or do what we did – eat in the car because we didn’t want to miss a second of seeing something new!

All five of these are awesome things to do in Grand Teton – and make for perfect excursions whether you’re going solo, with someone or as a family. You have to see this place to believe it. Have an awesome time! If you’ve been please leave a comment with what you think are the best things to do in Grand Teton!

Our family of five just got back from Jackson Hole. We all voted and here are our 5 top things to do in Grand Teton. Among them are the Snake River Rafting, Phelps Lake (one of the best hikes in Grand Teton), seeing Jenny Lake Grand Teton & more!

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What is Flying during Coronavirus Like?

What is Flying during Coronavirus Like?

If you haven’t read my introductory blog post about our Coronavirus travel plans in the COVID 19 era, please read it first and then jump back here.

A review of flying during Coronavirus. Tips for how to fly safely and travel with kids during COVID 19.
Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus.

We just finished a roundtrip commercial flight on Delta for a trip from our hometown of Atlanta to Jackson, Wyoming. This was our maiden flight post-new world virus era.

We traveled as a family – my husband, myself, our 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old identical twin boys.

Coronavirus travel is a whole new level of unknowns and anxiety, so I thought a review of the trip would be helpful for some of you.

Booking the Flight: Lots of Seats, Not Many Available

Our trip was somewhat planned. When we decided to take this vacation, COVID was absolutely part of the world, and the cases were rising where we lived. We booked our flight around 6 weeks in advance. This is last minute by some people’s standard, but fairly typical for how we plan trips. We aren’t as buttoned up as a lot of people – we are more “travel on a whim” type of people.

Usually, living in Atlanta, the Delta hub, we have zero issues finding flights to where we want to fly. There’s usually at least two a day, if not one on the hour to most major cities around the US.

Out of the several flights available to Jackson, there was only one flight available for us to choose – literally one. The others around the timeframe we were looking at were booked solid. There was plenty of room on each plane, but Delta is only selling 2/3 of their seats, leaving the middle seats empty in coach, and only one seat per row in First Class. So there were actually plenty of flights available to Jackson, we just couldn’t book them.

There was only one flight with five seats available. Both First class and Comfort + were sold out so we took the coach seats. Not much choice.

The fact that Delta is not selling every seat was more than fine with me. We were nervous about Coronavirus travel. I applaud their efforts to make every safety precaution available to make us “feel” safe – I’ll save the science about whether it really is safe with the air for another blogger more qualified than me. But as for mental thoughts, it calmed my Mommy brain to not be piled on top of each other.

Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus.

Issues Booking the Flight

Let’s talk about the process of actually booking the flight. We have some Delta e-credits to use, thanks to some 2020 international trips we had to cancel. Delta’s website isn’t equipped to let us cash those in online, so I had to call the phone number in order to make reservations.

Want to take a guess how long it took to get a person on the phone? Take a guess. 30 hours. Yes, it took 30 hours to get a callback. After 24 hours, I got antsy and had forgotten my husband had Platinum Medallion status so I used his special phone number. His wait? 7 hours.

So, 30 hours later I got a very nice Delta representative on the phone to help me secure these 5 seats to Jackson. Aye Yai Yai.

The Atlanta Airport Experience

So off we go. When we got to Hartsfield-Jackson airport we masked up. Masks during Coronavirus travel times aren’t required at this airport (aren’t the headlines of our state government fighting over masks fun?), but I did not see one person not wearing one. Every person was wearing a mask. That made me happy! 😷

I would say Hartsfield was about 10% full. A lot of restaurants and most of the shops were closed. Only a few convenience type stores were open and a handful of restaurants.

The security line was vacant. We use CLEAR and that had a pretty small line, but it’s usually always fairly easy.

We had planned to get there as close to our boarding time as possible. This time we did not want to get to the airport early and hang out! The security line is a non-issue so plan accordingly.

Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus. A view of the Atlanta Airport security line during COVID.

Tips for Germs In Security

  • In the security lines, the buckets to load your suitcase onto aren’t cleaned. You’re going to have to suck this up because you can’t disinfect them. Either wear gloves or have sanitizer at the ready.
  • We did not let our kids load their luggage onto the belts for this reason. My husband and I handled it and made them step back and not touch anything.
  • The airport has kindly thought of this and has a sanitizing dispenser right after security.
Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus.

Tips for Navigating Airport for Coronavirus travel

  • Have your kids wear something with pockets. That way you can have them stick their hands in them to avoid touching things. You could wear gloves, but that doesn’t stop the whole touching the face thing. We are trying to help break the face touching habit. The pockets help.
  • Hang sanitizing lotion from their backpack. Keep it right within reach so there’s no reaching.
  • Buy masks that hang around your neck when you’re not wearing them so you don’t lose them.
  • Have a pack of sanitizing wipes in outside of their backpacks, carry on’s, your purses for very quick access.
  • Use ApplePay whenever you can to avoid contact when purchasing things.
  • I brought travel Lysol to spray the bathroom area.

Noticeable Coronavirus travel changes

  • The gate was the first time I saw a crowd.
  • First Class still boards first, followed by passengers with babies, special needs, etc., but then they board from the back of the plane first.
  • Thank goodness because this is a much more efficient way of boarding an airplane anyway!
  • It eliminates people having to walk past others, too.
  • When you board all flight attendants and Pilots are wearing masks.
  • The flight attendants give you a Purell wipe when you board. Very cool.
Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus.

Observations During Plane Ride

  • There is plenty of overhead space since the plane isn’t full.
  • Quiet boarding – not eerily quiet like I had read, but silent and respectful.
  • Flight attendants no longer stand and do security briefing, nor walk aisles making sure your tray is up and seat are up. They walk the aisles as little as possible helping their exposure to others.
  • Snack is given in a pre-sealed zip lock bag. It contains bottled water, cracker, something sweet, a Purell wipe, and a napkin.
  • This is the only snack option – no other drinks, food, etc. I’m totally down with this. It was nice to have something for the kids to eat, and I felt like it was clean.
  • The aircraft itself is immaculate. Seriously. I was on four different flights (factoring layover/aircraft change) and all of them were unbelievably clean.
  • Apparently a cleaning crew comes in and puts down the trays for every seat and fog cleans the aircraft. Then they wipe it all down.
  • I was most impressed with how the seatbelts were all carefully crossed over to help show it had been cleaned. All four aircraft looked brand spanking new.
  • You can’t stop humans. No matter what the precautions are, you can’t stop humans from being, well human. When we landed we were late and many people had a connecting flight. I guess that inner need to hurry took over, and social distancing priorities went right out the window. Immediately people stood and started shoving to get out, just like they would pre-COVID. My husband and I had our kids hug the window and not get up. We waited until everyone was off to move around. 🙄
Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus.

Tips for Flying with Kids

  • I boarded a few minutes before my husband and kids. I had my pack of sanitizing wipes and gave myself a few solid minutes to disinfect the window seat, the tray, the handrails, anything. That way I didn’t worry about the kids getting in and touching anything Mommy hadn’t cleaned. 😉
  • Bring straws – that way they can drink their water without removing their mask.
  • Travel Lysol made me feel better for when they went to the restroom. Does it work? Who knows, but it helped me mentally.
  • Have them bring their own headphones rather than borrow a pair. One less thing to touch.
  • Go to the bathroom prior to boarding – it’s less crowded in the terminal and in a larger space. Avoid the plane bathroom if at all possible.
  • Book seats strategically – I kept changing our seats up until the day of the flight. It helped me spread out best we can, and we even had one row to ourselves on all flights. The flight attendants are doing a good job of shuffling through to ensure people are spread out.
  • My kids brought their own blanket – none are on board anyway.
  • We had lots and lots of conversation before the plane ride that this isn’t a joking matter – quit your whining, masks stay on, and be happy we are going on vacation. We made them take this seriously.
Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus.
Tips & tricks to flying on Delta during COVID, including how to travel with kids safely during Coronavirus.

Alright. That’s a lot of info. Watch my YouTube video about our flight experiences. And be sure to get my newsletter as I continue reviews/tips for Coronavirus travel!


Our Covid Family Travel Plan

Our Covid Family Travel Plan

A new travel blog post from lifestyle blogger Kelly Page for blueGrayGal talking about Travel Trends 2020. Kelly poses in an Alexis white lace dresses with top knot bun.

I’m prepared for some flack on this post, but I think it’s an important message. Some of you may find it offensive, some interesting. What kind of blogger would I be though if I didn’t lay it on the line…

I got very sick in October 2019. I struggle a lot with sleeping disorders. My body cratered in October and I hit a low I’ve never experienced. Thankfully, with help from top doctors and a loving family I was able to recover pretty quickly.

After finally getting better my husband and I went on a date to regroup. In an effort to start making good changes to keep me on the road to feeling better, he asked me what fuels my soul and what I felt may be missing in life.

My husband is the most amazing man on the planet. No one has ever loved me as he does. I always have his full attention, his primary concern is always mine and our children’s well-being, and he treats me with a calm and nurturing way. There’s no yelling in our marriage. Arguing? Sure. But he’s always respectful. How I managed to get him will always make me wonder. I’m damned lucky. He’s also the most interesting person (forget man – literally person) I’ve ever met. I fell in love with his way of thinking, loving people, and being present with those he loves. Within our relationship, I’m the weak link. He’s the kind of person I wish I could be.

When he asked me this question my immediate reply was “Travel. I miss traveling. We have everything else I could dream of wanting.”

Babies Having Babies

We were 26 years old when we got married. We had our first baby when I was 28. We were babies.

Before having children, I was one independent chick. I have an “I got it – don’t worry about me” mentality in life. If there’s a will, there’s a way, is how I’ve lived my life. I don’t see constraints – I only see challenges I need to work around. 😉

Before having our beautiful daughter, I worked in National Advertising for AT&T and traveled quite a bit. I loved the independence of seeing new things, meeting new people, freeing my mind from the everyday. Being alone with my thoughts is totally cool with me.

When our daughter was born, I quit working to stay home with her. That was always an agreement my husband and I had – he was always on board with me staying home and I felt lucky because I saw being able to do so as a gift.

But staying home meant giving up some freedom I was used to having. All of my friends worked, so it was a bit of a lonely life for me. I didn’t adjust as easily as I thought I would.

My husband made some career changes very early on in our parenthood journey. These changes ultimately being life-changing in the greatest way, but the first few years were really, really, really hard.

Any form of travel or “extras” in life went out the door for financial reasons. After a few years, we recovered financially. And then, surprise! Identical twins!

Do you know how hard it is to find someone to babysit a 3-year-old and newborn twins? I’ll tell you – impossible.

So, the traveling continued to be a hiatus. Fast forward through a few major life changes, years of adjusting, wonderful gifts, and adventures. But I couldn’t conquer some health issues I’m genetically predisposed to and had to deal with. Which brings me to October 2019 and my husband’s question.

“Travel. I want to travel.”

Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico. The rocky beach area of the Ritz Carlton Reserve.

Best Laid Plans

When I told him about my want to travel during our 2019 talk, he was fully on board. Our kids were at a perfect age – 12 and 9 respectively, we had the means, he has hit a point in his career where he can work remotely and take more time off, and I was feeling better and ready to pack the suitcase and go! Travel Trends 2020 was looking like overseas was the place to be. I quickly booked two international trips for our family. I had itineraries planned, hotels booked, airfare settled, the works. This post may have been the beginning of an international travel blog.

Then… pandemic.

Wha wha…. Lol. Jokes on me! Girl, you ain’t going nowhere!

Thinking (way) Outside the Box

We are now nearly four months into the new world order. We have a closed national border, states shuttered, restrictions and a fear of, well, everything. The world is closed for business. Or, is it????

Remember my default school of thought: where there’s a will there’s a way?

Our school system in Atlanta is a mess. It’s a mess everywhere actually. You know this. I don’t need to tell you this.

My brain started churning. Perhaps this new world didn’t have to be a punishment, so much as an opportunity to live differently.

Nothing had changed in our situation. Our kids are still a great age, my husband can work remotely, and we still have the means. The only difference is we can’t go where we want or maybe do all we want.

But we can still live.

Kelly Page, BlueGrayGal, write a travel blog about my travels in 2020. Walking on an infinity edge pool at the Ritz Carlton Puerto Rico resort.

So what are the new Travel Trends 2020 has to offer? I’ve spent the past six weeks putting into plan an entirely new way of living just for the fall. We pulled our kids out of school and have filed for homeschool status. I’ve hired private teachers to ensure that not only do they not fall behind, but maybe, even thrive and have the undivided attention of a great teacher to work on their weaknesses, and further develop their strengths.

And throughout all of this, we will live off the grid traveling to as many places as the virus will allow.

Yes, we plan on flying. Yes, we plan on exploring hotel life. Yes, we will also rent houses. Yes, we may road trip.

Yes, the virus could catch up to us.

But we will do everything within our power to be safe, but be together as a family living the best damn few months we can muster.

And if we are home, then we are home as a family hanging in, learning, trying to have some semblance of a normal, social, happy life. But when we can… we will go see, go do, go learn, go love, go have fun, and go live as a family.

Kelly Page, lifestyle blogger, Kelly Page for BlueGrayGal is in a white lace dress with Pink Chanel tweed bag in Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach.

Travel trends 2020 may be different, but we will be nimble and adjust. I’ll be updating this travel blog as I begin this adventure. Maybe the jokes on me. Maybe we aren’t going anywhere but at our home. Maybe this travel blog is a one (post) and done as we realize this was a bad idea. Maybe we get sick (God forbid.) Or maybe this is a time period in life we’ll always look back on as a “Wow. We did that and how amazing was it” timeframe. Time will tell.

In the meantime, look for travel blog posts about what it was like flying for the first time in a pandemic. What it was like visiting a hotel, a state park, a restaurant, the works.

I understand fully if you disagree with my school of thought. Please just know that I love my family more than anything and my husband and I will do everything in our power to protect them, love them, but not just survive this pandemic, survive it happily, and as a family making memories.

Never in my life would I want to harm my family, extended family, friends, neighbors, anyone. We will be masked up, take tests, quarantine and be safe.

In the meantime, we are off to Wyoming in the not so distant future. It’s time to fuel my soul and show my kids that where there’s a will, there’s a way…

I’ll keep you posted via a new travel blog series. Please keep us in your thoughts and wish us well. In the meantime, stay up to date on this travel blog with our travels by getting the newsletter.




10 Travel Essentials!

10 Travel Essentials!

Planning a girls trip? Spring break family vacation or a summer getaway? I got you covered with 10 travel essentials – all under $50! Get ready relaxation, with these essentials you can go prepared and bring on the margaritas!

Get the Essentials!

  1. Lightweight Sweater – on sale!
  2. Long Travel Cord
  3. Cute Backpack!
  4. Self Tanner – read my review on this here!
  5. Silk Sleep Mask
  6. Soft Slippers – on sale!
  7. Sunglass Case – so you can buy cheap glasses but keep them scratch free!
  8. Clear Makeup bag – so you can easily find things – or use to enter theaters that require clear bags!
  9. Memory Foam Neck Rest
  10. Luggage Tag – keep your luggage safe & find it easily!


10 wardrobe travel essentials

10 wardrobe travel essentials

Club Monaco dress for women. How to wear tennis shoes with a dress. What to wear for a trip to Italy. My husband and I spent eight glorious days in Italy. You'll never believe it, but we both carried on! I packed all classic pieces that could be interchanged and dressed fancy, or dressed casually. Here are my 10 wardrobe travel essentials that carried us through different temperatures, settings and experiences!
Club Monaco Hats for Women. What to wear to Italy.
How to wear Blazers with Jeans and sandals. Amalfi Coast outfit.

My husband and I just returned for eight glorious days in Italy! We spent a few days in Rome, followed by gorgeous tours up and down the Amalfi Coast. We stopped in Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Praiano, Pompeii and more. Glorious, all glorious!

While I was there I did not blog. I didn’t check my Instagram, I didn’t even take my real camera! We decided to go as the Romans did – without connection to the real world (well, OK that’s a stretch!) but we only took photos on our cell phones with the intention of sharing them with our kids back home. So you won’t find any fashion blogger #ootd (outfit of the day!) pics here! I have in my mind a long blog post to write about what I learned about myself through this trip, and it’s far too important to write while jet lagged!

I’m sharing 10 wardrobe essentials for packing and traveling. Why? You’ll never believe it, but we both carried on! I packed all classic pieces that could be interchanged and dressed fancy, or dressed casually. Am so pleased with what I brought that I’m sharing now since a lot of it is on sale! 

Ciao, friends. Italy – you have my heart! And you have my waistline, too. I have um, some detoxing to do, in order to fit back into my jeans!

Travel Essentials for Everyone!


guide to rosemary beach

guide to rosemary beach

Our family has been going to the Florida panhandle twice a year for nearly 13 years. We have a family beach home in Miramar Beach and it’s a treasured place for reunions, off the grid vacations and sacred memories that lie within the walls of this our home in this little spot of heaven on earth! I’m originally a central Florida girl. I had never been to any of the beaches near Destin, Rosemary Beach or Seaside. I knew only of Cocoa Beach and New Smyrna. I went to Florida State University so we would occasionally take day trips to St. George’s Island but that was a long time ago!

When I first went to Destin I was flabbergasted at how beautiful the beaches were! I had no idea beaches could look like that in Florida! White sands, clear blue water, and sunsets worthy of the Caribbean. I fell in love with the area. Since we’ve been going for so long, I’m going to be doing a blog series of each area in the 30a and Highway 98. I’ll highlight my favorite restaurants and shops! Be sure to get my newsletter so you know when the other posts come out!

where is rosemary beach?

There are two main roads in the Florida panhandle, Highway 98 and 30a. Each highway has “their people” and in Atlanta, you’ll see people wear their preferred highway as a bumper sticker on their car! Not kidding! The 30a crowd is no joke – they have major pride. People proudly show their love for ’30a’ on visors, shirts, bumper stickers and toys!

This map will help you know where Rosemary Beach is. At the far left of the map is Destin and Miramar Beach. So both are relatively close in distance.

This map shows all of the little beach towns off 30a. While the beaches look close together and are on the same coast, each has a very different aesthetic, vibe and blend of people. The roads are small, and the area is growing so a five-mile drive between towns could take thirty minutes depending on the time of year, and time of day!

Most people tend to find their preferred area of Destin/30a and make it their little corner of heaven. This means you’ll typically hang with your beach tribe visiting the local restaurants and shops within your own area.

Where is Rosemary Beach in Florida.

the vibe of rosemary beach

Rosemary Beach is one of the most scenic places in 30a. It has a very European feel to it with cobblestone streets, gas lanterns, and outdoor cafe tables. The streets are filled with beautiful people for sure! The houses are very expensive and very small so prepare to be up close and personal with people if you stay in this area. But that’s one of the reasons so many people love Rosemary Beach – it has gorgeous white sand beaches for the day, and plenty of see-and-be-seen activity at night!

rosemary beach restaurant recommendations

Get a fabulous cup of coffee from Amavida Coffee Roasters! My husbands a coffee snob and he has to stop in here whenever we are in the area!

I’ve snacked at places while in Rosemary Beach, but in all honesty not enough to give one particular place a review. We typically move on down the highway when it’s time to eat! Again – get that newsletter so I can share where we do eat in other beach towns near Rosemary Beach!

shopping in rosemary beach

Tracery Interiors is on my must stop list every time we go. Beautiful home decor inspiration, products and eye candy! They do a beautiful job of being interior designers to many homes in the area and throughout the country. Tracery Interiors look is on point and I’ve been a fan for so long! You must stop in!

Parish Shoppe – the interior design inspiration continues! Be still my heart with all of these amazing interior designers that do such phenomenal design! There is a great shop with home decor products you need to stop in as well!

Pish Posh Patchouilis. My husband won’t go inside with me because he can’t stand how it smells, but it’s exactly why I have to stop and go inside! Such amazing bath and body products you won’t believe! Heavenly store.

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The Sugar Shak is a must stop place. Prepare to drop some cash on candy but your kids will think they’ve died and gone to heaven! I typically give each of my kids $10 and tell them to go have fun but then that’s it for the trip!

Bikes! There’s plenty of open flat places to ride bikes and bike rentals are everywhere. With this place being so picturesque riding a bike around is a great way to take in the views!

who is it for?

This area is a fabulous place to go with a bunch of couples! The area is alive day to night! Bumping into friends from Atlanta is also highly likely! As much as I love and adore this area for its own uniqueness, it’s not my personal choice for a family vacation. My idea of a beach vacation involves kids not wearing shoes outside, me wearing a top knot and no makeup no matter where I am, and taking life speed down several notches. Rosemary Beach has an air of sophistication (which is what makes it a gem of a beach town) but in my opinion, you and the kids will need to look pulled together for dinners. There’s a lot of very pretty people in this area and it’s more of a scene than I like. Having said that, we go to Rosemary Beach every year just to spend a day and take in the sites!

Rosemary Beach Town Hall. Where to stay in Destin or vacation ideas in Florida. A little piece of Europe at the beach in Florida. This unique town in Florida is a great place to vacation in Florida on the beach!

Where to shop at Rosemary Beach. Vacation places in the panhandle of Florida. Black and white awnings and bright colored houses make this city in Florida a great place for a family vacation. Travel information for Florida Panhandle.

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Blue door in Rosemary Beach. Fun pool toys for kids and adults!

The Outpost Coffee Shop in Rosemary Beach. All white shiplap design coffee shop. This bright and happy coffee shop has character and fun. I love the design of the white bar counter and all white shelving with white lighting.

White dress with pockets. Dress for women with curves.

stock up on these vacation essentials!

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