Potty Talk. The Toilet you never knew you always needed!

TOTO Toilet in master bathroom. Bardiglio marble floor and splash with Intaglio frames.

Have you ever stopped to look at the things we use every day, and thought, this could work better? This happened to my family almost eighteen years ago when we entered our favorite local sushi restaurant, Circle Sushi

On a date with my husband, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. After being gone a few minutes longer than usual, I walked back to the table. His expression was one of concern, wondering if I was alright given that I was gone a bit longer. My expression was one of sheer delight and laughter! 

“You will never believe what they have in the bathroom here! It’s quite possibly the coolest toilet I have ever seen! There’s something called a WASHLET made by a company called TOTO!” I was practically shrieking telling him all about my new discovery.

My husband is very well traveled so he laughed and told me he knew all about TOTO’s from going overseas so many times, especially Asia. He was already familiar with the magic that WASHLET can bring to your everyday life!

What is a TOTO?

TOTO is a manufacturer of technologically advanced plumbing fixtures. For the purpose of this post, let’s focus on their WASHLET product. The WASHLETs that TOTO manufactures are high-tech toilet seats that act as a full bidet with an array of very useful functions to keep you clean, the toilet clean and help our environment.

Different WASHLET models offer different things. For the models we have in our home, the WASHLET has an auto open/close lid, a seat heater, an air freshener, warm water to cleanse and an air dryer! The model in our guest bathroom even has auto flush!

Using the included remote, you can activate a small wand that comes out of the back of the seat to spray your under-areas with a warm-aerated jet of water. The WASHLET will make your tukus area super clean!

Wowzers!!!! Who here is shrieking with laughter and delight along with me?!

TOTO Toilet in master bathroom. Bardiglio marble floor and splash with Intaglio frames.
TOTO bidet toilets on top of gray marble wainscoting.
Washlet toilet with marble wainscoting and white florals.
TOTO remote
Bidet Toilets in formal master bathroom full of gray marble. White tulips and Intaglio frames.

The Most Sanitary Toilet Out There!

The TOTO WASHLET has a 3-step process to help keep the toilet clean starting even before you use it.

When you walk up to the toilet, the WASHLET S550e seat lid will open automatically and a PreMist function begins, spraying the bowls surface with tap water. The PreMist helps stop waste or yuckiness from sticking to the bowl 80% better than typical dry porcelain.

TOTO’s Connelly Toilet in my master bathroom also features a 3D Tornado flush which removes all of the waste from the entire bowl and rim because it has a 360-degree cyclonic rinse action followed by a strong, tornadic flush. Plus, only the water needed for either water or waste helps the environment. 

Lastly the WASHLET uses EWATER+ to mist the bowl with water that has some sort of PH balance to clean the bowl and keep it fresh. I don’t fully understand the scientific stuff, but I can tell you it absolutely works! We have never had such clean toilets. Guys, I have two boys. This is all I feel like stating here. You get my point!

Washlet toilet with remote on wall. Powder bathroom with bidet.
TOTO Washlet remote
TOTO toilets bidet in mudroom power bath with Restoration Hardware exposed plumbing sink.
TOTO bidet toilets with Joanna Gaines wallpaper, herringbone travertine floor and white mirror.


The cleanliness! While I’m not a full on germaphobe, this is the one room of the house that can bug me. I am raising three children and we have a very busy house! Lots of germs running in and out of here!

The WASHLETS’ auto functions keep things nice and tidy around here! 

For sanitary reasons, I love that the lid and seat auto open and close. No more hands touching the toilet. Also, the Aquia IV WASHLET+ model in our guest bathroom has auto-flush, so no hands have to touch the toilet at all!

The personal cleansing action makes my kids giggle, so they love to use it. Yay for extra clean private areas! Plus, the deodorizer spray keeps the room smelling fresh and the rinse feature before and after business is done.

Beyond being super clean, TOTO’S WASHLET creates quite a lovely experience. Trust me, try the seat warmer. I dare you not to enjoy it! I can’t tell you how many friends have come over and said “Wow, I didn’t r realize how much a heated toilet seat would make me so happy!” I’m telling you, the little things matter! The WASHLET has sensors to detect when you’re there so auto-warm to the temperature you set it for. Pretty cool!

Bidet Toilets in formal master bathroom full of gray marble. White tulips and Intaglio frames.

The Toto Models We Have

Master Bathroom: Connelly Two-Piece Toilet and WASHLET S550e 

Mudroom and Daughters Bathroom: Aquia IV WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet with Auto Flush

I’d like to thank that sushi restaurant for introducing us to the toilet revolutionizing the way we use a one, and I’d like to thank TOTO for providing my home with cleanliness, innovation and technology that’s beyond useful and works!

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