thanksgiving kids table decorating ideas!

a cute kids thanksgiving table

Sitting at the kids table Thanksgiving dinner is where all the fun happens! I’m sharing some Thanksgiving kids table decorating ideas with easy clean up!

3 Thanksgiving kids table decorating ideas I recommend

  1. Every thing on the table gets to go right in the trash – no dishwashing!
  2. Kids Thanksgiving entertainment to keep them occupied or having fun.
  3. A little touch of specialness that let them understand this isn’t the normal dinner – it’s a special Thanksgiving Feast so they should behave like it’s extra special!


kids thanksgiving tip #1

The plates and silverware all look really pretty and decorative, but guess what? They are all plastic and can be tossed after dinner! Yay!

Kids thanksgiving table with burlap bow and pumpkin placesetting.

kids thanksgiving tip #2

Instead of a tablecloth use butcher paper so they can color everywhere. My kids made these little crayon cup holders while we cooked. They used stickers so no glue or markers were needed! Easy to assemble, then they got to help put the crayons in to help set the table.  My kids and I made crayon cups so each kid will get their own crayons. To pair with this, they all got a “I am Thankful for” placemat where they can write or draw what they’re thankful for that holiday.

cute kids thanksgiving tip #3

Create a memory of Thanksgiving being about a special family gathering. Use pretty plastic dishwater so they feel fancy yet it’s able to be thrown away! Let them ask about why they are using these plates instead of paper plates so they get the story behind what Thanksgiving is about – a special day to celebrate each other

Thanksgiving Turkey Hat. What to wear to a turkey trot!


Who says kids get all the fun? This is my Thanksgiving outfit, hat and everything!

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