Team USA!

I’m back in love with live TV for my family! With most every TV show feeling completely inappropriate for my children the Winter Olympics 2018 is a refreshing break for something to watch my family! I haven’t panicked that a topic I don’t want them to be exposed to will show up! I love the Olympic time period. It’s a fun time to talk about other countries with our kids and cheer on Team USA! Team USA graciously sent me two pieces from the Team USA shop and my family members and I take turns wearing them when we watch the show!

This was particularly exciting to me because my family is planning a trip to the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020. It’s been my husbands dream to take our family to Tokyo (he loves it there) and being able to go the the 2020 Olympics would be a major bonus! We have Olympic fever!

I’m sharing the Team USA Beanie and Olympics 2018 scarf. In case you can’t find these at the store (selling like hot cakes!) there’s no reason why you can’t show some country pride. Without getting too political (I never ever want to do that on this blog) for better, for worse we are all American. So let’s love our country, each other and extend an olive branch to those who don’t believe what we believe. Perhaps listening to each other could benefit us. *she hops off her soap boxes.

Here are some other great ways to support Team USA and show some country pride year round!

The red track pants are amazing and I live in them. Cozy, high waisted and look great with t-shirts. A great year round wardrobe staple. Size up if you’re getting the cropped sweatshirt. And the shoes I’m wearing are ridiculously comfy. I’ve featured them here. I basically live in these and their pink cousin!

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Team USA Shop

Team USA Beanie sold out

Team USA Scarf

Team USA Mittens 

White Cropped Sweatshirt

Red Track Pants – amazing. Wear them all the time!

Red lipstick in Infatuated Red – only sold here and great if you have my coloring!

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