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Women Supporting Women – Talbots Dress for Success

This may sound silly, but when I started this blog one year ago I had no idea what I was doing. I have been a stay at home Mom for nearly a decade with little no interaction with companies or being in a workplace. I’ve been blessed to have a choice, but somewhere in that decade I lost my ability to talk to people. I would find myself asking other adults “where the potty was!”

My fear for getting back out there was nerve-wracking for me. I felt out of touch, I felt inadequate and I felt unsure of myself. Little by little as I do this blog, meet new people and work with companies I can feel the dust coming off of my work brain and I feel empowered.

I think of that and then I think about what the Dress for Success cause represents.

I’ve discussed this before on earlier posts (like this one and this one) about my strong believe in women entrepreneurs and women supporting other women. Dress for Success is a non-profit where women can donate their slightly worn work clothes so women without means can feel good about themselves when they go back into the work force. They look good, so they feel good and can then provide for their family. The entire cause is 100% in direct correlation with one women giving what she no longer needs to succeed so someone else can succeed. Talk about empowerment and passing it on.

So when Talbots approached me to support and promote their Talbots Dress for Success campaign I was immediately on board!

Talbots and O, The Oprah Magazine are teamed up again this year with a special line of clothing that benefit Dress for Success. Dress for Success aims to help women feel their best when getting back into the work force. Last year they raised $1 million and collected over 4,000 boxes of clothing, and this year they expect to raise even more.

There are a few ways you can participate to help other women:

  • Buy anything from the Oprah Dress for Success line. I’m wearing their really cute cardigan, shell and scarf. Everything is so cute and works with jeans for casual days, nice pants for work or even shorts for summer! I would put the scarf through my belt hole if I wore it with white shorts! Cute! 30% of net proceeds from buying these items benefit Dress for Success.
  • Go online to either financially donate, volunteer or find a location where you can donate some of your work clothes you no longer wear.

Last year this cause helped 20,000 women. Let’s let some of them be helped by you. Let someone whose worried about how they will feel interviewing, or walking into a building full of women who not only dress like they know what they are doing but feel like they know what they are doing feel strong. Let them walk tall. Support them and encourage them through your donation. By putting on your old suit they are taking a step forward to making it on their own.

Thank you, Talbots and O Magazine, for as always, making women feel and look great both inside and out. And to you women out there, whoever you are, go rock it. Women can and do so much and I am behind you.


Shop my Talbots, Dress for Success look!

Cardigan  /  Shell  /  Scarf  /  Sunglasses  /  Jeans  /  Red Heels  /  Red Flats


Spring outfit. How to wear red black and white together. Talbots Dress for Success.

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Cardigan  /  Shell  /  Scarf  /  Sunglasses  /  Jeans  /  Red Heels  /  Red Flats


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