Sugar Paper Wrapping Paper for Target

Sugar Paper. No, it’s not Willy Wonka paper you can lick (though I’ll admit I have always wanted to taste a shnazberry). Sugar Paper is a high end stationary company based in Los Angeles. They have been creating gorgeous, affordable pieces for Target for some time now and this holiday they introduced their own line of wrapping paper for Target.

blue and gold wrapping paper with emerald gold bracelet in blue gift box
pink and gold gift box with white and gold tissue paper
how to wrap the perfect present
sugar paper white ribbon under blue christmas tree for holiday wrapping paper
unique ways to wrap christmas presents
special tricks to wrap presents like a professional
blue and gold wrapping paper for with girl in gray sweater with gold beads
bluegraygal wrapping Sugar Paper for Target wrapping paper by a Christmas tree decorated in blue for a holiday Wish List
kelly page wrapping a paper with sugar paper for target
bluegraygal wrapping a present with target wrapping paper next to christmas tree decorated with blue ornaments

I will admit my truth – I have never been a great gift wrapper. My Mother is outstanding. I mean truly. Her gifts are the ones you don’t even want to open. When I was growing up, she had a gift closet that was perfectly organized. Her bow making skills scare me they’re so good and if the world ever runs out of ribbon you can go to her house because she basically is hoarding it all!

Perhaps it’s because I always figured I didn’t need to be a good gift wrapper when I would just let my Mom do it, or sheer laziness but my gifts just never look that great. More truth? I’ve been the Room Mom for my kids for years. I was always in charge of the class gift for the teacher. When I delivered a yucky looking gift I hung my head. All the other Room Moms gave stunningly put together gifts that just looked special. And then in walks me with my dishelved gift. I think the contrast between me being a blogger with pretty imagery and then this yucky gift confused them! Ha!

This year I decided to up my game. My very close friend used to be a professional gift wrapper and she came over one day to teach me. She went slowly, watched me do a few on my own and then said “well, you’re making good practice. You keep practicing there girl” and left. I think she felt badly for me! Ha! I’ve been practicing ever since and I am rather proud of  my progress. I won’t be getting hired for a full time job anytime soon, but I’m just fine with that. I at least can hold my head high at Christmas time with my teacher gifts!

My latest TV segment on “Atlanta and Company” will include these tips. I will post the video of this so be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can get the pro tips she taught me!

This year I’m wrapping presents using the amazing Sugar Paper wrapping paper from Target. Their collection comes in shades of gorgeous blue (heaven and my favorite of course), soft pink (perfection), red, white and gold and a really gorgeous brown with gold accents. I’m obsessed with it.

Here’s what I love about this paper:

  • Each roll is $6 and very high quality in both the weight of the paper and style.
  • The “extras” like their pre-made bows and ribbon have a definite look. It’s all very stylish.  For people like me who like cohesiveness you’ll love the matching tissue paper and amazing gift boxes.
  • Even if you mix up the colors, the look is still very consistent. I love that because when you pull out your gifts for loved ones, they will think you had them professionally done!
  • When you wrap a paper and make an “oopsies” with the tape, it peals off really nicely and doesn’t mess up the paper. This wastes less paper.
  • The white pre-made bow has elastic so it goes on in two seconds and looks flawless. It’s genius!

I hope you watch the segment. It’s going be a fun one so check back on my blog Tuesday to see it!

Wrapping Paper

Sweater lookalike here and here


This post is brought to you by Target.

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