Blush & Bashful

Soft pink decor in blush and bashful. If you don’t know that reference, we need to talk and you need to watch Steel Magnolias, like, yesterday.
Four seasons spa with pink couch and antique mirror coffee table with pink throw pillowspink throw pillows with soft pink dogwood print fabric and dark pink velvet throw pillow decorating with soft pink colorswhite urns for home decor with a neutral leaf wallpaper decor for how to decorate in neutral tonesdecorating with soft pink tones with light pink couch and pink and purple rug and smoked mirror coffee table with light wood paneled walls

I fell in love with the soft pink decor of the Four Seasons Orlando spa (reviewed here). It was everything a spa should feel – relaxing, pampering, grand and oh, so delicious! I kept thinking in my head how much I love pink. However, I think most people see it as overly girly or young. Everything in this spa of soft pink decor had a very luxurious and sophisticated feel. I sometime wonder if I want to do one of my guest rooms in these colors because they are suited for guests – warm, soft, welcoming and pampering. The girls will love it – do the guys care as long as they get some sleep? Ha! Has anyone else decorated with these tones? Would love to see or hear!


I decided to shop online to recreate this look. Here is what I’ve found – some pretty strikingly similar pieces all in this soft pink decor look and feel!


Please share your thoughts!

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