Over 35? My Beauty Favorites for Skin Care and Makeup Routine

Makeup Routine and Skin Care for women over 35

I’m sharing my beauty favorites for my makeup routine and skin care for women over 35. No, silly. This isn’t all of my make up. Are you crazy?



This is the rest of it! And then I have more that I’ve hidden because at this point it’s just getting not OK to own this much makeup.


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Let’s get down to brass tacks. Here are items I use daily and don’t want to know a life without. Yes, I can live without them but I would look much older and as my friends say when they see me without makeup “are you tired?” would be all I heard. Yes, I am tired. I have three children. What do you want from me? But with make up this is the best I can pull off so dammit – I am tired and wearing a shit load of concealer. Ha!!!!

Running down my all time favorites:

  1. This Laura Mercier Foundation for fuller coverage and also this NARS one for more sheer coverage.
  2. Urban Decay Eye Primer – I hate the original. It makes my eyes flaky. I love this one, and this one only – the age defying one.
  3. This Urban Decay Naked eye makeup palette is all you need.
  4. Eyebrows. Yes! I love eyebrows. This is the Benefits Gel I swear by and the Anastasia pencil.
  5. Mascara. This one rocks my world.
  6. Bronzer – I love them, need them in my life and love both of these. Nars Laguna is a classic. If you don’t have it, I’m not sure why? Both the powder and liquid are amazing but give you different looks. But one should be in your drawer for sure!
  7. Concealer. Ugh. I have genetics for dark under eye (alright Mom and Dad, who am I blaming?) so I’ve tried them all. This Laura Mercier is tried and true. However, this NARS liquid one is the new hotness in my life for general ease and coverage.
  8. This is a great NARS blush in Orgasm for everyone. It’s a best seller for a reason.
  9. Lipstick. I cannot pick just one because I’m a lipstick lover. This is my favorite MAC neutral in Ample Pink and my current favorite magenta. OK, there are soooooo many more but if forced those are my favorites.
  10. To clean my skin I use this Dermalogica exfoliator and have for at least ten years. It’s the best and a must for skin care for women over 35.
  11. I’m in love with this shampoo and conditioner. I was gifted a color saver set by Strivectin and didn’t care for it, truthfully. Granted, I used it in the summer when I was in and out of the pool with chlorine, but while it smelled great I just didn’t love it. They sent me this conditioning set and I truly love it. Smells great and works great.
  12. Estes Laurder Skin Prep – both the wrinkle and pore minimizer.
  13. My go to perfume is Jimmy Choo.
  14. This blow dryer set is amazing and such a good holiday deal!

Bath towels are from Pottery Barn and Bath Caddy is from Waterworks but you can find them on Wayfair, too!


Use any of the links above to go to that product, or scroll through these images to click through to them, too! If you have questions about how I use anything, let me know! And with that yes, I am tired and I am going to bed because I’m spending my retirement money on under eye concealer.



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