Big Serena & Lily Sale!

Serena & Lily…few stores bring such calm and peace to my eyes. Do you get their catalog? Or have you been to one of their stores? It’s pure eye candy – with the quality to back it up!

When I visited the store recently for an event, I literally jumped into every bed they were so cozy. I have a lot of Serena and Lily quilts in our home. They are fabulous!

Here is me in the store – told you. #nerdalert

Exciting News!

Serena & Lily has a big sale now! Ends 3/25! Use code: INSPO

I’m sharing their greatest hits in every category. With 20% off – this is the time to buy!

Before you shop, here are ways I’ve styled Serena & Lily in my home for inspiration.

Important note: the white outdoor pillows? They stay white. Not kidding – I left them outside for 4 month. To clean them, I gave them a quick spray of Shout, put them in the hand wash cycle of my laundry and aired dry. Came out spotless. You heard me. Tested and approved by me! Their outdoor pillows have a look you can’t replicate and are worth the splurge (especially when on sale!)

Serena and Lily outdoor pillows.
Woodard patio furniture. Decorating outside. How to clean outdoor cushions.
Outdoor entertaining tips from lifestyle blogger, bluegraygal. Gardenia bush and blue bar cart with Pinnacle Vodka.
This Bar Cart is so great. The top comes off so I use it as a table tray, or to carry things out and set on stand. It comes in a neutral color, too! Amazing outdoor piece! You’ll love it!

Shop the Bar Cart!

Bar Cart

Quilt is from S&L but from several years ago. It’s in my daughters room!

Serena & Lily Bedding Top Picks

Serena & Lily Chairs and Stools Top Picks

Pillows, Accessories & Rugs – oh my!

Happy Shopping!

Don’t forget – Serena & Lily sale ends 3/25! Use code: INSPO!


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