Review of Fabletics Gym Clothes

Alright. I feel like I’m talking behind my pretend friend’s back (read: Kate Hudson) but I’m sorry. I had to share this review of Fabletics Gym Clothes.

So. Fabletis. I’ve been intrigued by idea for some time, and love the TV commercials and Kate looks so gosh darned cute that I wanted to try. Plus, I live in Yoga pants when I’m home, so wanted to try something other than my tried and true Lululemon’s. Lulu’s are crazy expensive — and now I know why. This review of Fabletics gym clothes makes it all make sense now.

I thought I was signing up for a $25 outfit. In the end I paid over $60. I was immediately confused. Maybe I missed something, but this caught me off guard, but still – that’s less than one pair of Lululemon pants so I executed.

Review of Fabletics


It took a few weeks for them to come in. (ok weird. As I type I’m watching a Fabletics commercial on TV. Is this an omen that I’m making my best friend angry? Or giving good feedback to a dear friend who needs a true voice in a world of “yes’s”?)

This is what outfit was supposed to look like on (if I were a 6’1, 110 pound model that is — sheesh. We live in a harsh world people).


Review of Fabletics

So. Video is below. Guys. Ugh. I’m cringing. Somebody get me a) a hairbrush b) some under eye concealer c) my bed cause people – girlfriend looks tired. I sound drunk but I swear on my life I hadn’t had one sip of water.

So bear with me on the video. What you can’t see unfortunately is the bulge I’m referring to on the black pants. It’s a for real big bulge. Like an actual fold over bulge, it’s crazy! Did I just buy a style only Kate can wear? What I also don’t love is the seaming. It’s thick and chunky and the zipper is tough and seems misplaced.

The shirt is fine – just not cut well. It’s a mess of fabric in the wrong spots.

Bottom line? If you can afford Lululemon, stick to that. If you are on a Fabletics gym clothes budget, go to Gap Body (which I love) and Target. That way you can try them on. Workout clothes are personal and really body type related. It’s like a bathing suit — you need to feel great in it, and it needs to fit YOUR body.

I think this Fabletics company has a great idea – it’s just definitely not for me.

Have you guys had a good experience with it? Did I just mis-order? Was my review of Fabletics Gym clothes fair?





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