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Thank you Moose Toys for sponsoring this post. Get crafty with your kiddo and make “ooniements” with Oonies by Moose Toys this holiday season!

Wow! Incredible! The best toy ever! Crowd pleaser! All words I use to describe the new toy Oonies. This blog post is sponsored by Oonies, but I really think if my kids could sponsor this post they would. And had I discovered this toy on my own I would have run to the computer to share this with any Moms who follow my blog! This toy is fab-u-lous. I’m actually buying 5 more. One for each of my sisters children, my brother in laws children and more for my kids. This is one of the toy trends 2017 has gotten right!

Oonies Starter Pack. New toy for kids that Moms love!

What the Oonies Balloon Inflator looks like. A balloon making machine toy.

oonies quick overview

The Oonies toy makes sticky balloons. The Oonies Starter Pack comes with a pump inflater, a lot of “pellets” and sticky things to help make animals. You put one of the little “pellets” into the pump inflator and with a few pumps you’ve made your “oonie.” Then you can make balloons that stick together (that look like atoms – would be great for science projects), or it comes with funny stick on things so you can make balloon animals! They are squishy, sticky (but not in a bad way) and a ton of fun!

How to make an easy balloon animal with sticky balloons. Best toys for young kids.


  • Completely mess free. Nothing leaves a mark, explodes, stains, shatters, splatters. Nothing!
  • IT WORKS. This is one of those toys that out of the box works. Hallelujah. Within a quick 5 minute scan of the directions you’ll be up and running and you’re child will be creating. YES!
  • Doesn’t break! This toy took a beating from my 3 kids. The device never broke, it never stopped working, and the toys they made have lasted. Again, hallelujah!

the “ooniements”

Here’s what my kids made!

Balloon animal octopus. Favorite toys for boys and girls under twelve years old. Amazing toys for 2017 and 2018!

age it’s appropriate for

My boys are seven and my daughter is ten. Not kidding when I say all three kids played together sharing one toy for hours. They played for a solid three hours without me and then woke up the next morning and went straight to it. When has that happened unless it’s an iPad?

I personally think it’s a toy for kids five to 12 years old. Having said that this would make a great kit for middle and high school students doing science projects. I even enjoyed making the little balloon animals!

Toys that Moms love for 2017.

It’s also age appropriate for me. I’m a shark, can’t you tell?

Toys that work! Great balloon inflator toy that actually works. Make cute balloon animals that won't pop.My kids two hours after they started playing with it!

quotes from my children

Son #1: “Tell whoever sent this to you thank you!” And then sarcastically but funnily said “I will treasure my turtle forever!” He’s a ham. So that was very tongue and cheek.

Son #2: All of the balloons appeared to be used. So I asked him what they were doing “We are being creative with what we have.” Holy cow!

Daughter: “The toy is so well designed and I love the bright colors! And I like how you can turn them into animals!”


Parents: Buy extra pellets in addition to the Oonies Starter Pack. You’ll want them, I promise! If you have a few children in this age group, you may want to consider buying another Theme pack to make the animals, but not necessary.

Oonies: Can you add more colors? White would be fun for a snowman “ooniement” or dark red for a crab? Other than that, hats off to whoever invented this toy!

Great mess free toys for kids.Oonies Toy for Kids

Do I really need to share more information? Oonies is a perfect Christmas present. I can’t recommend it enough! Two thumbs way up, Oonies!

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