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ruffles & off shoulder – trends of the year

Everywhere you look bloggers and stores are featuring off shoulder looks. I think they are adorable and a great throwback to the 70s and I love the femininity of them, but I had to try it for myself.

I ordered this Rachel Zoe Collection off shoulder top from Shopbop. Because I was a bit worried about the whole bra situation thing (I hate strapless bras with a passion), I thought the ruffle would create a nice second layer so that should I go bra less with just those stickie bra thingies, it would still lay right.

Secondly, I wanted to see how easy it was to move in these. Everyone keeps making it look so effortless but was the elastic truly effortless? Again, I had to see.

My thoughts:

  • No, not effortless. If you move a lot the elastic springs up and can be a bit annoying.
  • I prefer to wear it one side up, one side down. Way easier to manage, still looks great and I feel more comfortable that way.
  • The ruffles make a huge difference with coverage. I felt more covered, cuter and flirtier. I really am a giant fan of the second layer of ruffle.


Bottom line: I’m on board with the off shoulder look if worn one shoulder up, one down and with a ruffle. Secondly, while this shirt is super cute and worth the splurge if you have the budget, I ended up returning it because while I love it I just didn’t see myself wearing it a lot so I’m getting this option which is a very similar look for less. I can see myself wearing this at the beach or to the pool with shorts or a white linen skirt and loving it. I just prefer this price point for what it is!

SOLUTION to bra issue!

I recently met with a head fashion designer of women’s clothing. She said to ditch the strapless bra and buy a padded bandeau. Softer, still has support and coverage. Voila. This one gets amazing reviews and I’ve already ordered it! Problem  solved

Thoughts? What do you guys think of this off shoulder trend that’s back in fashion?

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