3 ways I use July to save time and money

3 ways I use July to save time and money

Listen, it’s June. I’m not one for rushing the months, the seasons or life in general. It moves too quickly as it is! But I’ve always used the Nordstrom Anniversary sale to get ahead of the crazy fall holidays months, and this year is no different. Here’s how I strategize the Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2017 by planning in advance and hopefully how it can help you save precious time and money, too. Also, for the record, I am not a shopper. I rarely set foot inside the Nordstrom Atlanta. I order online for free shipping and return, and also because I can do in store pick up! So much easier!

why the nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 sale is different

It’s not a sale on last season. It’s a sale on what’s coming. So new items, fall items, fresh items. The product prices go in reverse. They start on sale and then go to full price when the event is over!

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 details

The sale begins July 21 and ends August 6, and that’s not just at Nordstrom Atlanta, that’s everywhere. Prices go up August 7 on the exact same merchandise. The dates everyone is able to shop differ so I’ll keep you posted because things sell out quickly! I find online shopping to have the most variety and far easier to use.

three ways I capitalize on the sale

  1. Christmas Gifts – I make my holiday list early. I have a very useful list coming soon that my sister borrowed from me years ago and asked me to share with you all. I use this to brainstorm ideas, keep my budget in check and head organized. Be sure you get my newsletter to be sure to get it. But I plan early so I can buy Christmas presents for teachers, in laws, husband, and hostess gifts. This saves me on time and money. Lots of both!
  2. Closet Refresh – for gifts and clothes. The sale features all fall. It’s not summer. So I get my kids their new fall and winter shoes, jackets, etc and the same for me. I typically use it for the classic items that need refreshing, or use it as an excuse to splurge on something fun I wouldn’t pay full price for.
  3. Home Refresh – Nordstrom now carries an amazing collection of home stuff. Some of the really great items are online only, but there is a small sampling in store depending on where you live. This would be a great time to refresh your couch with new pillows, a new lamp, they have nice art and maybe even some new kitchen decor like ring dishes, olive oil dispensers and more.


nordstrom atlanta

My plan is to keep an eye on items I’m looking at for gift ideas for the holidays and things I want for myself. Be sure you’re on the list to get my newsletter so you can get the downloadable holiday gift list, and stay up to speed on the sale. It’s literally Christmas in July, people! Don’t panic. We got this.



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