we interrupt this program due to hurricane irma

we interrupt this program due to hurricane irma

hello friends

I hope this post finds you safe, houses manageably intact and in some form of stress relief that the storm has passed. I’m happy to share my entire Florida family is safe with minor home damage. Same for us in Atlanta. My sister and her three kids have been with us for the past week after evacuating the coast of Florida so it’s been a packed house!

I was able to sneak out (long before we knew the storm was headed this to Atlanta) to head to NYC for New York Fashion Week and some very exciting meetings. We had to leave early so we missed the shows we had tickets to, and our meetings but family first!

I need to take a few days to get my home and life in order, so I won’t be posting much for a tiny bit. I’m sure you understand!

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My friend, Jess Cathell, and I in NYC. I hate it when paparazzi follows us in NYC. Super annoying. Ha, kidding. Photo courtesy of KVS Photography.


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