Decorate on a Budget with Target and Nate Burkus Home

My favorite tip my Interior Designer taught me is to decorate for where you are going, not for where you are. Translation – don’t like your brown furniture but can’t afford a new couch but you can afford new wall art? Then buy the wall art that goes with the look you want. Don’t decorate for the brown couch you hate.

Easier said than done, but let’s break it down.

These are my current Dining Room chairs. Are they nice? Yes. I picked them out ten years ago and my taste has changed, but buying new ones is not in the budget.

gold robot allen dining room chairs and a plant

I wanted to finish this for around $400 and update with the current home trends:

  1. White
  2. Marble
  3. Neutral fabric colors
  4. Wallpaper

Where did I go? Target, obviously.

Target does a fabulous job of creating current looks at a great price. And lately the high end home designers popping up (most recently Nate Burkus Home) blow my mind because you can get such a great designer look for less.

Let’s take a look at my finished look:

Nate Burkus Home at Target with pieces in a living room with removable wallpaper

Now watch this video to see how I got there.

Finally? Shop the look below with Nate Burkus Home products, too. Products below are linkable so use your little finger and tap the image or click on it. Tip from a Target fanatic: the hot items go fast. I always order online and do in-store pick up. This way you don’t waste time. You can see what items are at what stores, order it and then go pick it up.

True story – the marble console was the last one there and three people stopped me to ask what aisle it was on. But I had the online secret and it was mine (cue Dracula laugh).


Tidbits about the new Nate Burkus Home line for you Nate fanatics like me (Oprah gets credit in my mind for discovering him, but then Oprah gets so much credit for so many things!)

Nate’s fall collection emphasizes effortless entertaining, with styles and materials that are perfect for mixing and matching for decor, tableware, bedding and furniture. Prices are everywhere from $4.99 – $199.99 and are only available through end of December!

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This post was sponsored by Target. But let’s be real, Target needs no convincing – they are the be all, end all for everything!



  1. Avatar
    Mary Bogart
    October 25, 2016 / 12:22 pm

    Beautiful! Love everything Nate Burkus does

    • Kelly
      October 25, 2016 / 8:53 pm

      I’m so glad you like it, Mary! I love Nate, too. He has exceptional taste. That gold mirror is fantastic!!! I may buy some more!

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