Shades of Blue – Light Blue Blazer and Bag

There’s a reason I go by bluegraygal. Nearly everything I’m drawn to are in those shades! My clothes are no different. I’m sharing here my favorite light blue blazer that’s now on sale! It’s a wool blazer so it’s warm for winter. You can buy sweaters that “button inside” of it but I don’t really care for them. Because if you go inside you can’t take your jacket off! So instead I’m wearing it here with a light blouse so you can wear a scarf and heavy coat on top.

In the spring I would just wear this alone but the Veronica Beard sweaters designed to go inside just aren’t for me. This jacket though is very high quality, I love the herringbone look of the blazer and weight of it. For the sale price it’s totally worth it! All details at end of post.

wearing a blazer with jeans and flats for a casual everyday look

mcm blue backpack with veronica beard jacket with girl standing by green trees in chloe shoes

white lace joie blouse with light blue blazer and blonde hair for casual spring look

bluegraygal in a light blue veronica beard blazer holding a backpack by MCM in blue with white joie shirt onLight Blue Blazer (on sale – hurry – selling out everywhere!)

White Top Lookalike (previous one sold out)


Bag (This sold out everywhere! Here’s new version in same color – hurry! There’s a reason why I love this bag! See earlier post.)

Shoes (inexpensive alternative here)

Bracelet lookalikes here and here




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