Black and Silver Skirt – UPDATED

ladylike holiday looks in full skirt in black and silver with red patent leather shoes against gray brick wall

full skirt with black deep v neck bodysuit with red high heels

black v neck alice and olivia black bodysuit on blonde girl with red nars lipstick

Crystal hair pin in blonde hair for simple style for short hair

My sisters recently came into town and we went shopping. My sisters and I each have such different styles. I prefer very simple, neutral looks. My middle sister is a bit more adventurous with color than I am and my youngest is more into shorts and t-shirts. All of us are Moms and all of us approach “Mom clothes” differently. I love that! Cheers to individualism.

Lately I’ve been on a major Donna Reed-ish kick. I just sort of love the throw back to classic elegance and full skirted looks. I also find myself studying Princess Kate and her looks rather than Kim Kardashian. While I do love street clothes and casual looks, I can’t help but think our culture is getting away from the “less is more” idea. Classy is classy. Elegance is still sexy. And finding and showing a bit of curve without revealing everything is sophisticated and intriguing. Those are my thoughts anyway. As I type I’m in my Lululemon pants and shirt I can’t live without. I’m wearing my Ugg boots, so don’t let me fool you that I’m in pearls and heals all the time!

However, when it comes time to dress up, I’m way more into the ladylike look right now. If it’s a fitted style, it’s still in a covered way. Am I making sense?

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing ladylike holiday looks I’ve fallen in love with. Being a girl is just fun because we get to change our look in so many ways! I feel badly for boys. Ha! Well….except I hate doing my hair. In that department, they have it made!


Bodysuit (I wear constantly with everything) SOLD OUT

Shoes, less expensive SOLD OUT

Hair Comb  SOLD OUT

Lipstick, (Infatuated Red) 


Everything has sold out, but here are some great pieces to recreate the look!




Please share your thoughts!

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