creative ways to hide cords

I love ambient lighting. We have a lot of floor and table lamps mixed in throughout our home. All are on light timers to turn on and turn off at set times of the day. What I don’t love are the cords from these lamps! It makes a pretty vignette quickly look messy. I am always looking for creative ways to hide cords. Hiding lamp cords with Command hooks is my new favorite trick! These three tricks will help you know how to hide lamp cords. Each takes minutes to set up and will help your furniture look clean and organized!

use small hooks

We have a few pieces of furniture with opening shelving, which makes finding ways for how to hide lamps cords challenging. I use command hooks a lot when hiding lamp cords. They don’t damage my furniture, come in various sizes depending on the width of the cord and are easy to move to get a tight cinch so you don’t see any lamp cords.

hiding lamp cords in furniture

I’ve had my husband drill a small hole inside shelves of large cabinets. This way when a credenza or console are backed up against the wall, the lamp cord gets plugged in behind it, and the cord pulled through the inner hole cut out. Hiding lamp cords is easy this way because it’s 100% inside the furniture!


Cords driving you mad? Find out how to hide lamp cords to make your furniture look tidy and clean and more organized. Learn how to hide lamp cords with 3 creative ways to hide cords! how to hide lamp cords. Hiding lamp cords will make more of a difference than you think!3 tricks to hide cords in your furniture. Organizing cords in your house. How to keep cords hidden in furniture.Cool ways to organize command strips to hide cords on furniture. Easy ways to make your family room look cleaner.Command hooks to hide lamp cords on the back of furniture. Easy tips to hide cords in your house and keep cords out of view when decorating.


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  1. Avatar February 18, 2018 / 8:29 pm

    Hi The creative way to hide cords was really great except I couldn’t zoom in on first two photos and couldn’t see what you were trying to show. Also would have been great to see the kitchen creative idea, hard to Invision. Have a blessed day .

    • Kelly
      March 12, 2018 / 1:46 pm

      Good point – I’ll work on better pics, Carolyn! Thanks!

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