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getting organized

Being organized is a constant goal for me. I’m setting in motion daily steps to simplify life, starting with getting organized at home. Beginning steps will be to eliminate clutter and simplify home work stations. Organizing your day means having what you need, where you need it for efficiency. At the end of the series, I will create a “how to get organized at home checklist.” While early steps offer ways on how to declutter your house in one day, the goal is to go slowly and methodically repeat steps until they form habits.

declutter your medicine cabinet

Consolidate all medicine that’s migrated throughout the home. Grab your children’s medicine, husbands, roommates, whomever. Check expiration dates. My pharmacist recommends throwing old medicine in the toilet.

Check for duplicate medication and consolidate those into one ziplock bag. Use a permeate marker to write what it is and expiration date outside.


organize kitchen sink cabinets

Clean under all sinks.

  • Throw away or consolidate like cleaners into one bottle.
  • Make a list of what you don’t have and need to buy.
  • If you have housekeepers, I like to keep a separate set just for them so I never run out when I go looking for something.
  • Make sure each sink has exactly what that sink needs and no more.
  • If you have the room I like to back stock main items like counter spray, shower spray, etc and store in the laundry room so I never run out.

Clean out medicine cabinet. Getting organized and home closets ready for a more simple life.Cleaning out a farmhouse kitchen sink for organization. Keeping your kitchen organized.

My plan to getting organized! Sharing my get organized at home checklist and daily steps on how to declutter your house in one day, and keep it that way! Learn how to simplify home life and start organizing your day. End of series will have a how to get organized at home checklist.

organizing your day

Nothing drives me more mad than going to look for something where it should be, only to find it’s not there. Organizing your day starts when you simplify home items. Let’s work on getting organized! I’m doing this along with you so please comment below. I am so not good at this so let’s cheer each other on! These are two easy ways for how to declutter your house in one day.


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    Jan Jessup
    January 17, 2018 / 7:31 pm

    Hi, Kelly–
    Instead of throwing medicines down the toilet, look for a community hazardous waste or pharmaceutical waste event, where such items are collected and properly disposed. Our water supply is tainted by medicines that have been pitched down too many toilets.

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