halloween decorating

3 tips for easy Halloween decorating!


orange lightbulbs

Change out all of your outdoor lights with orange lightbulbs. I recommend buying early because they sell out. I’ve used the ones I bought for years in a row!

decorating your house for halloween


a big creepy crawly

No need to overdo the decor. One giant spider crawling it’s way over your house will give you maximum impact, with minimum effort. Thing giant scale.

    • The bigger the spider or creepy crawly, the better!
    • Note: these sell out really early so don’t wait on this.
    • We named ours “Harry” and we keep him outside all month long. He’s lasted for several years. He’s a very water resistant spider!

Outside house with orange lights.

build him a home

Your creepy crawly can’t be outside along. How did he get there? What’s his backstory? Ha. Cheap spider webs will go the distance spread all over your house.

  • This lasts outside all month long. I’ve never once had an issue with it getting drenched in rain and varying temperatures.
  • This stuff clings to everything. Find a nail here and there, a piece of stone on your house, the roof edge – whatever. It ties around.
  • Stretch, stretch and stretch some more. The messier the better. You can’t mess this up!

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