finding jeans that fit

finding jeans that fit

Finding jeans that fit in your closet. Alright ladies. Grab a glass of wine and let’s deal with this. It’s time to audit! I just recently cleaned out my jeans and I highly recommend it.

Think about this, when was the last time you wore every single pair in your closet? Do you even have a clue if some of them fit because you always grab the same pair?

If you’re anything like me you have a range of jeans in every single size. For me I have:

  • Pre-baby jeans.
  • Gaining weight and trying not to wear maternity jeans.
  • Lost most of the baby weight jeans.
  • Back up to a larger size when you stopped working out jeans!
  • Two pair that actually fit!


the plan

  1. Grab a glass of wine if this will make you handle the mirror better. Skip the wine if it will make you cry. For me, it does both!
  2. Try on every single pair in your closet. Every single darn one.
  3. Put on a shirt and shoes with each pair.
  4. Look in a full length mirror at all angles.
  5. Do they fit? Can they be altered to fit? Do you feel happy in them? Can you easily find shirts and shoes that look great? Think about the ease of putting together an outfit with them.

Take the no’s to a consignment store or Goodwill. Get them out of your life. If they can be altered, put them in a pile. If you love them, hang them back up.

Really consider alterations. If they fit your thighs, but not your waist, a good seamstress can help this.

things to think about

I think every closet needs:

  • One pair of dark wash jean that can be dressed up.
  • One white pair.
  • One black pair.


Here are brands I find find that fit women best (not girls, women). You will not find bargain jeans in this recommendation. Finding jeans that fit isn’t easy. I invest in jeans that will last for a long time. They are the work horse of your closet, so finding one pair that fits is worth it for me.

  1. Mother. Despite their name this brand is really good. Expensive, yes. Very. But the fit stays wash after wash after wash. I’ve had my pair for over two years and it’s one of my main pair I go to. The pair I own is called The Looker.
  2. J Crew High Rise. I just bought my first pair of white jeans and they knocked my socks off. Truly, knocked – my – socks- right -off (I put on flip flops. Ha, get it?!) The high rise is sheer perfection for my body type. They go up just like a good pair of Lululemon’s do and hold in your muffin top. No spillage. But yet they look like regular jeans on and make my butt look good (at least I think so.) Couldn’t recommend these more. This is the white pair I wore and am wearing in this post.
  3. J Brand. Another designer brand but again, expensive. I own two – a dark wash and a black pair. Again, these are the pair I turn to time and time again. All of mine are at least three years old and still wash and wear great. Worth the investment.

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Be sure to read my Sizing Guide post to help you when buying clothes based on my recommendations!


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