easy way to get rid of paper clutter


This is the easiest and best way to declutter paperwork fast from your home! This blog post series will help you organize your life, declutter paperwork and simplify your lifestyle.

best way to declutter fast

Papers lying everywhere makes me insane! Every few years I notice I’ve wound up on mailing lists for catalogs I don’t want. Or are getting subscriptions to magazines I really don’t need. All of this extra paper arrives on my doorstep. But this step is an easy way to immediately declutter paperwork.

declutter paperwork

Catalogues not only adds to the frustration of more clutter, they also make me feel guilty if I toss before glancing at them. This then causes me to waste time, and get the “I wants” which leads to spending money. The catalogs are evil I tell you!

Get a box and start piling up all the catalogs you don’t want. Stack them for a solid two to three weeks. When you have a majority, call and ask to be taken off the list. It’ll take an hour, but it will be worth it. Or maybe give your teenager some chore money by helping! An hour today will save future excess paper in your house, time and money!




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