Covering Up Undereye Circles – Video Demo

I work very hard at covering very dark under eye circles and have tried every make up trick in the book to get them to look better. I just love it when people tell me I look tired. “Are you tired” they ask with a concerned face? Well &@& yea I am! I’ve been raising three children for the better part of a decade. And the last two were of identical DNA yet not identical in their sleep patterns so I basically didn’t sleep five straight years.

My uber favorite is when I walk up to a make up counter full make up on, feeling nice looking and someone says “you don’t have concealer one do you?” Let me help. And then they put it on and a) are surprised to see what’s under that concealer they didn’t think I was wearing and 2) end up with the same result I do. Guys. I’m pretty good at this. Let me be!

I do have a trick though.secret trick I recently learned and has been a game changer. Even my husband said he sees a major difference. Ohh…such mysteries with covering very dark under eye circles!

And now that they are older my worries, fears, restless leg and whatever craziness that gets into my brain keeps me from resting like Sleeping Beauty. So yes, people! I’m tired! I try to sleep. I mean I really try. But you know. I have genetically pre-disposed under eye circles and a busy life.

Therefore I have to work very hard at covering very dark under eye circles on my face. Here’s my video on this. I have other videos on my YouTube channel. Check them out for a good time or a laugh or a “wow she’s pretty cray cray” moment to feel better about your life! I tease, I tease…

Concealers I love


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