burgundy & gold christmas tree

Frontgate holiday ribbon with gold glitter ribbon. Traditional Christmas tree and blue drapery.I call this my red and gold Christmas theme tree. It’s really a maroon and gold color. Being a Florida State Graduate I prefer to think of it as garnet and gold, but if you live in the south that may be offensive. Ha! To stay college team neutral, let’s just call this one of my burgundy and gold Christmas Tree ideas!

Garnet and gold Christmas decorations. Christmas tree ideas in garnet and gold.Burgundy velvet blazer from Banana Republic. Velvet blazer and jeans.

To keep it different than my gold & blue Christmas tree, I layered a bold red and gold Christmas ribbon. The ribbon is from Frontgate, but it’s currently sold out. I found this great version (same designer of the ribbon) which is a gorgeous maroon and gold color as well.

To amp up the burgundy and gold Christmas Tree ideas, I layered in gold glitter ribbon and gold picks. Sprinkle in some gold toned ornaments and you’ll have a deeply rich and traditional maroon and gold tree!

Gold and Red Christmas tree ideas. Southern style holiday decor with stone fireplace decorations.Ornament collection of gold and silver mixed in with ornate gold ribbon.

Gold tree picks mixed in with gold Christmas ornaments. Burgundy and gold christmas tree ideas.Banana Republic suit jacket in velvet.

burgundy velvet blazer  |  white & black tie blouse  (both 40% off!)

Red and gold Christmas theme decor. Christmas tree toppers. Instead of using a star, this Christmas Tree star is made of gold picks.

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my tree & ribbon are from Frontgate  |  similar burgundy & gold ribbon  |  gold ornaments

Have you seen my Christmas tree decorated in blue & gold?

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