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Few people like a holiday more than our daughter and one of our son’s. The other one? He really could go either way, but those two think holidays of any kind deserve major decorations and celebratory events! Perhaps they get it from their Momma! We have so many holiday traditions at our home and I want to share a favorite birthday surprise I do.

When our daughter was about three years old I started one of our holiday traditions that’s continued and it has a super duper creatively named title of “The Balloon Trail.” Oh, so creative!  It’s one of the unique ways to celebrate birthday events without a lot of money or effort.

easy diy birthday surprise

Every morning for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or special event they wake up to one single helium balloon outside of their door. Then I take one balloon at a time and trail it down the stairs and the hallway to wherever we’ve placed their gifts. Sometime I change-up where their gifts are so they have to follow the trail.

It’s such an easy birthday surprise. It can even just lead them to a special breakfast if you’re not doing gifts for that event.

Sometimes, depending on my level of energy the night before, I’ll use crape paper to trap them in their room so they have to run through it to get out. I also heard a friend who had bunch of helium balloons trapped in a plastic bag, and when the door opened it released them all into the air! So cute. Love all of these unique ways to celebrate birthday events!

Holiday Traditions. Easy ways to celebrate the holidays!Easy holiday traditions for kids.DIY Glitter filled balloons for easy ways to decorate for to make glitter balloons.Easy ways to celebrate holidays with kids. Unique ways to celebrate birthday events!


supplies for unique ways to celebrate birthday

I always have these on hand in case a celebration needs celebrating (test scores, good news, etc.) Having them at home saves me the time from going to a store and buying balloons.

Most important to use is the HI-FLOAT which will allow your balloons to stay in the air at least 2-3 days! Don’t waste your time on balloons that don’t last.

Watch my video here to see how I make glitter balloons with the HI-Float or see another fun way we decorate for holidays!

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