Our Daughter’s Bedroom Makeover – Paint

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We bought our home when our daughter had just turned three, and our identical twin boys were 5 weeks old. And if that wasn’t hard enough, I’ll add that we hadn’t yet sold our old home, AND we moved two days after Christmas. Then a few weeks later the entire city of Atlanta was iced in for a week from a horrible storm!

It was one for the books, people. There were a lot of tears (from the babies and from me), a lot of “where are the diapers packed?” and a lot of eggnog!

The previous homeowners had two high school aged girls. The room our daughter was moving into was highlighter pink and she thought it was heaven sent. To make life easy, we bought the house with the furniture and kept everything exactly as is. The drapery, the throw pillows, the chair, the works. It was easy and she thought it looked like Barbie’s Dream Home.

She is 9 now and it was time for a change. This is what it looked like when we bought it.

girls hot pink bedroom with flower drapery and window seat

Let’s take a look at this view now with fresh paint:

Bedroom Makeover

Whoa! What? Is this the same room?!

Let’s talk details. We used Clark+Kensington paint from Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware gave me a couple cans of paint in exchange for this post. Thank you, Ace!


The plan:

  • Remove Plantation Shutters and replace with drapery. This would allow more light into the room.
  • Create a white space to allow light to bounce around. Also, our daughter is very creative and having a white background would provide a blank canvas for her creativity.
  • Her current favorite color is green. I wanted to accent with green, but allow the room to be versatile as that favorite color changes!



I had every intention of doing this room myself. I spackeled the walls, removed the plantation shutter, did one coat of paint….and then….the kids joined me.

kids painting

And then the cat joined me…


And then I realized I didn’t have oil based paint…ha! So what was supposed to be an easy paint job turned into this…


(Insert a bottle of wine here and paint in my and all three kids hair for about three weeks). So, professional painters were called in! And those guys did in 8 hours what was looking like would take me three weeks with my non-professional crew! Cute crew, but inexperienced crew!

Here are some more before and after photo’s of the bedroom makeover.

Chalk CW-C2

Color: Chalk CW-C2 on both walls and trim for a seamless look. We did not paint the ceiling.

Clark+Kensington Bridal 08C-5

Bedroom Makeover paint colors:

Green: Clark + Kensington Lime Zest, 27C-7

Desk re-painted in: Clark+Kensington Bridal 08C-5

Chair and Vanity both painted in the same Chalk color as the walls.




Clark+Kensington Bridal 08C-5

Next step? Upholstery and drapery! Read this next blog to see what fun fabric we went with! Be sure to follow me on social media or sign up for my newsletter to stay updated with even more transformations on the horizon!



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