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We may have talked about this before, but I hate doing my hair. Like, really hate it. My go to accessories have always been a baseball hat and sunglasses. They solve every getting ready for the day problem. Here is my bad hair day look! It’s super duper complicated so try and stay with me here. You can grab a pen if you need to write this down, I’ll wait. OK, ready?

Step 1 – brush hair

Step 2 – put on a hat

Step 3 – put on giant sunglasses

That’s it. Hahahaha. For real – this is my outfit nine times out of ten. Add lounge pants and I’m so out the door. I ain’t got time for more than that. And if I had time, I spend it doing something else. It’s not that I don’t take pride in how I look because I totally do. I just prefer the short cuts to hair! I envy the women who always have perfectly polished hair. But something tells me they love doing it or it’s instilled in them to make their hair look great. I’m missing that gene!

This distressed baseball cap is the cutest!!!! I’m so in love! It’s this gorgeous shade of pale blue with a tiny bit of distressing to make it casual, but not enough where you look ragged. I adore it. These sunglasses are super fun. I love mirrored sunglasses right now. They make me laugh watching someone basically not look at your when they talk to you – all they see is their own reflection! So this works for your benefit – they aren’t seeing you not all the way dressed for the day, they are seeing themselves! I love the pink shade of these sunglasses!

I found both of these items at South Moon Under. They are an online store and two new stores in the Atlanta area! One is at Avalon in Alpharetta, the other is at Ponce City Market.

They’ve offered my followers 15% off $150+ in both stores and online. The promo code is SUMMER15. It expires May 29.

sunglasses  |  hat  |  loungepants

What are your favorite bad hair day looks? Share!

bluegraygal is an Atlanta blogger. A lifestyle brand built around simple home decor and easy everyday fashion for women in their 30s. This is a blog that doesn't take itself too seriously! Blue denim baseball cap. The perfect bad hair day disguise! I love the distressed women hat with a blush colored tee shirt. Kelly Page is bluegraygal. I love this distressed blue denim baseball hat. I wear baseball hats all of the time. They come in so handy for a bad hair day look! I usually wear my baseball hats with braided pigtails. This blue color hat is so cute! Women blue baseball hat. Distressed denim looks great with every outfit. It's a pale blue color hat with just enough distressing to still look polished but effortless. I love to wear my blue baseball cap with pigtails for an easy everyday hair look. Pink mirrored sunglasses. These over sized sunglasses will hide any bad day when you don't feel like putting on make up or your eyes look tired! I love how they are mirrored! Oversized Mirrored Sunglasses are an outfit alone! Wear them with loungewear and look cute in minutes! Oversized pink sunglasses for women and a blue outdoor throw blanket on a fringe hammock say summer living everywhere!

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hat  |  sunglasses  |  loungepants


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