4 tips to hang art

the art of art hanging

I’ve always had a knack for art hanging. I’ve learned the art learning the  preferred height to hang pictures after a trail of holes in the wall….ha!

There are a few rules of thumb I always recommend:

space evenly & consistently

Whether you’re spacing 2″ or 5″ apart, be consistent. I tend to space gallery walls with the frames 2-3″ apart, but if the wall and pieces are larger, you can space however you want. Just pick a size and be consistent.

is eye level the height to hang pictures?

Everyone says to hang at eye level. But what is that exactly? It’s actually lower than you think. Do not just walk up to a wall, hold it up high and think that’s eye level. And do not let your 6’3 husband tell you his eye level is the right eye level! Museums use around 54-56″ to the middle of a piece of art or photograph as eye level. This seems to hold about true when I look around my house.

does eye level change per room?

Yes. If you’re hanging art in a family room, hang it even lower that what I just said. This is a room where people will spend their time sitting. You don’t want the art “floating” over their head. It can feel claustrophobic! Hang it lower to make it feel connected to the furniture, and connected to the space. That way you’ll see it as one cohesive look and not just art way up high…and then furniture…way down low.

practice makes perfect (not just holes!)

Don’t be afraid to start hanging! It’s OK if you mess up! Who walks around a person’s home pulling frame off the wall to check if you got it right the first time, or if there’s 8 holes behind it? If people start pulling art off your wall I’d call the police. Or un-friend them!

For more tips watch my video on YouTube I filmed in my home. Don’t get hung up! Pun most certainly intended. 🙂

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What do you think?

  • Jane Ambrose
    July 31, 2017

    I have always struggled to find the time to put up pictures of my family around the house, so I’m really glad I came across this article. I had no idea that the right place to hang a picture or art is at eye level. It seems to me like paying attention to the right height and placement of pictures is really important to make sure it looks good with the rest of the room. I’ll be sure to remember this!

    • Kelly
      October 18, 2017

      Hi Jane! It totally makes a difference. It helps guide your eye so you see the things you’ve carefully curated to hang on your wall! If it’s a bit too busy your eye can get lost. What you put on your wall says so much so you want people to see it! Thanks for writing!!!

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4 tips to hang art

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