5 Gym Shoes if you have Bunions!

Do you have bunions? Hey, hey! Let’s party together! But don’t step on my feet or I’ll start crying from pain! Finding running shoes that fit my oh-so-lovely bunions has been a lifelong annoying adventure. I’m sharing 5 women’s gym shoes for people with bunions – I hope this helps you find a pair to make your feet dance!

Let’s start off with the basics about my footses, so you can see if my footses preferences, work with your little toeses.

  • My size: 7.5 – 8
  • Bunions: Abso-freaking-lutely. Thanks Pointe shoes in 6th grade!
  • Width: wide, but I wear standard size.
  • Plantar Fasciitis prone: Lord help me, it’s awful. I am forever stretching my calves.
  • Arch: high. I had a mad point while wearing said Pointe shoes!
  • Preferred method of working out: running, rowing and Orange Theory.

Over the years I’ve finally gathered some footwear that doesn’t kill my feet. Here are my personal favorites when it comes to gym shoes!

Comfy tennis shoes for women with bunions.

White New Balance Tennis Shoes

Black Adidas shoes for women. Black running shoes with white stripes.

Black Adidas Running Shoes

Pink new balance shoes. Cool shoes for working out in.

Pink New Balance Tennis Shoes

crossbody bag for travel. On Cloud running shoes and casual running outfit. The crossbody bag for every women!

Teal On Cloud Walking Shoes

Amazon Workout Clothes review - I wore the new Amazon leggings to the gym a ton, washed them and now I'm ready to tell you if they are a good value for the price!

Gray Adidas Running Shoes

Now that your feet look fly, grab some new workout clothes!

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