Best artificial trees and how to find a good one. Light blue and gold Christmas tree.

3 things to look for in an artificial tree


  1. Kelly: this post was so helpful! I’ve always been a real tree girl, but with the amount of traveling I am doing this holiday season I opted to invest in an artificial tree. The hardest part I realized when shopping was the size! My ceilings are ginormous but I don’t want to go too big with my tree (although having a fat tree is prime). I appreciate all your tips and will definitely utilize as I go out and venture for a tree tonight!

    Would love to connect via phone for a partnership opportunity!


      1. I love your style! But this, is probably goung to have to happen next year as budget is very tight! I will not repeat last year and have NO Tree! Even if its a Charlie Brown Tree Im creative enough to do something and start buying after Christmas for next year! I lost a lot of things after losing both my parents in the last 5 years and had to stop working. Building myself back up financially. In the meantime I enjoy your blog!

        1. I’m so sorry to hear that. And nothing wrong with a Charlie Brown tree. That’s why they call it the spirit of Christmas. Sending you strength and love!

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3 things to look for in an artificial tree